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Featured Fan

Aireanna Rock moved around a couple of times in her childhood and went to multiple schools, but always remained in the state of Utah. She will be moving to Virginia soon and is excited about the new adventures that await her!

Aire works with mentally and physically disabled individuals, for a fabulous company called North Eastern Services. She absolutely loves her job! However, she would like to experience working in the entertainment business! Are has always dreamt of becoming an actress but other responsibilities have kept her from doing so. While she has not been able to pursue her career in acting, she loves doing cosplay and hopes to possibly make that a career someday.  

Sewing is Aireanna's favorite hobby. It helps her relax and she feels happy making something beautiful! She has made two Princess Odette dresses and participated in two of our cosplay contests!

Aire's greatest accomplishments are done through cosplay! She is a pretty quick seamstress and always feels satisfaction when she has finished a costume. 

Besides sewing, Aire also enjoys singing, dancing, acting, writing, and drawing. She is a very artistic person! and as long as she can be creative, she's happy!


Back in 2013, Aire made her first attempt at cosplaying Princess Odette. She was so pushy that she dressed her youngest brother and a friend up as Puffin and JeanBob. If it wasn't for that situation and the Swan Princess she never would have met her very best friend and thanks to the Swan Princess for bringing them together!

Aire told us one of her favorite cosplay stories. "I once went to a Cosplay Princess Meet up where everyone was, of course, dressed as Disney princesses. Me being the odd man out and dressed as Odette. A little girl pushed past all the Disney ladies and B-lined straight to me. Her father had asked her if she knew who I was and asked if she wouldn't just prefer the Disney girls that he knew she knew. She looked him dead in the eye and without missing a beat “She's Princess Odette from The Swan Princess and she is my favorite Daddy!” This girl couldn't have been more than 5 years old. That is one of the proudest moments I have ever had, sure made me feel good that day!"

Among the Swan Princess characters, Aire identifies with Princess Odette the most. Odette does everything she can for her friends, no matter the consequence. She's also a hopeless romantic which is also Aire's way of living, with her heart.


 Aire loves fantasy or horror and is full of great suggestions for anyone who's looking for great stories to enjoy!

Years ago, when Swan Princess Producer, Seldon Young, began attending conventions to talk to fans, Aire was one of the very first to make an impression and one of the few that is able to call Seldon a personal friend today. She is a talented woman who is always smiling and a joy to be with! Thanks for all of your support of the Swan Princess Aireanna!

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