April 2021 Featured Fan

April 2021 Featured Fan

Kate Grigoreva was born in the little town of Konstantinovka, Ukraine. She lived in this city all of her childhood and youth. She has a beautiful family who is very supportive of her.

Since childhood, she has been interested in art, played the arcadion, and later visited the art studio. Her art works have been shown in Ukrainian Folk Shows and international art shows.

In October of 2020, she entered the National Technical University Kharkov Polytechnical Institute (KPI) where she studies to be a translator of foreign languages. She is in her first year.

Kate hasn't had a job anywhere yet. Right now her priority is going to university and discovering her professional interests. In the future, she wants to work, help, and inspire people to new successes.

Kate's family loves animals very much. Kate believes that pets are people's best friends. She has a Labrador named Michel, a Yorkshire Terrier named Lord, who is very funny and often bored, so he always accompanies Kate on walks and trips.

Cats also live in Kate's house. The older cat's name is Kuzya and the kitten's name is Lera. Kate says "The kitten is very similar to Number Nine. Lera and Lorde also took part in the Christmas interview along with the beautiful Ellie Shelton."

Thanks to her communication skills and her career goals, she is working on creating an English-language Instagram account. With this Instagram page, she wants to show people that anything is possible and introduce Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking users to the world of the Swan Princess.

Kate is hardworking, wise, and purposeful. She likes to dream and make those dreams come true. After everyday activities, in her free time, she likes to read books or do needlework. Kate embroiders with ribbons. To embody ideas and try new techniques is a little magic for Kate.

Together with her friends and pets Kate can have a great time and enjoy the scenery of her country .

Kate grew up watching the original Swan Princess film. At 5 years old, it became the first movie she had ever seen.

According to Kate's parents, she watched the DVD many times and sang the songs. She still likes to listen to covers and instrumental versions of the songs.

Kate thinks the story of the Swan Princess is fabulous and wonderful. She is very happy that the story of Princess Odette and Prince Derek continues in the sequels. She thinks it is interesting to watch how the characters and their actions change as the story evolves.

Kate really likes that in every film about the Swan Princess, the most important values of life are revealed: true love, friendship, faith in the best, achieving goals with the help of friendship and faith, and of course family ties.

Like most Swan Princess fans, when Kate was a child she identified most with Princess Odette. As an adult, she still identifies most with the Princess. She loves that Odette is smart, kind, and always ready to help her friends.

 Kate thinks the funniest character is Jean Bob. She likes that, despite the fact he sometimes behaves arrogantly, he never leaves his friends. She hopes in the future he will show everyone that he is a real prince and will find love.

Have you checked out the latest episode of The JeanBob Show? We find out more about his prince-ly DNA in the short film on our YouTube channel!

As a child, Kate really liked Bridget. In the second part of The Swan Princess and the Secret of the Castle, Bridget helped Odette, then expressed her kindness and gratitude for a second chance. Kate really likes that Bridget found her love and became much kinder, thanks to the second chance given by Odette.

Reading is one of Kate's favorite hobbies. In the evenings after studying at the university, she likes to read classical literature or psychology.

Her favorite classical literature books are Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, Polliana by Eleanor H. Porter, and Eugenie Onegin by A.Pushkin.

Kate likes to listen to light and exciting music. Her favorite singer is  Nina Herzog. She likes that Nina has her own unique style. Listening to her music Kate can just relax and imagine the landscape with a beautiful view. She highly recommends listening to Nina's songs.

Kate says "In the new period of the Coronavirus, people have little faith in miracles and goodness. In January, the idea to create a #GoldenHeartChallenge matured in my head, and I was supported by Swan Princess Instagram account, and Mr. Seldon Young. I was very pleased that you supported me!"

We loved this fun challenge Kate put together!

The challenge was international and many cosplayers wanted to participate. In the future she wants to make this challenge monthly. The first challenge introduced her to many friends from different parts of the world  including Italy, USA, and Latvia.

She says "It's just unbelievable what a story Princess Odette and her friends inspire people from all over the world, and I want to meet the rest of the talented fans and learn their interests, and swanderful stories."

Kate is also very grateful to the talented people who shared their stories about what the Swan Princess inspires them to do.

Says Kate, "Thank you very much to the unique and beautiful friend Ellie Anne Shelton, cosplayer  Nathaniel Niebuhr, talented singer Anna Madallena Capasso, and Swan Princess fan Larissa from Latvia. After all, these people shared their good and  their stories!" 

Kate says "I want to tell you a story about how I launched my English-language Instagram account, and about the best moments associated with the Swan Princess. It all started with the fact that my nephews asked me to find fairy tales in English, I included the first video and it was Ellie's video where she told a fairy tale about a dragon. Later after watching the fairy tale video, I reviewed everything that was only on the YouTube channel. I also enjoyed the video about the 25th anniversary of the Swan Princess. After this video, I realized that I wanted to get to know the representatives, cosplayers and thank them for the beautiful videos .

And I also wanted to create a beautiful video connected with the Swan Princess. Christmas holidays and traditions became the initiators of the creation of the video. I thought a lot about how and with whom you can create a fabulous video, of course with the beautiful Princess Odette as Ellie Anne Shelton. I wrote to Ellie on Instagram and waited for an answer.

The answer came the next day and I was very happy that Ellie would help me with the video. Later we shot beautiful moments. Each of us told our Christmas traditions and favorite moments from Swan Princess movies . We also had the same dream-to get to the next large-scale anniversary of Princess Swan and meet live with fans and unique creators of films about Princess Odette.

To be honest, I was very worried and stammered when communicating with Ellie. I was overwhelmed with emotions and even more so Ellie was the first person with whom I fully communicated in English. Ellie is very kind, funny, and helped me with advice. Without a doubt, I believe that she is a real princess Princess Odette.

After our collaboration, Ellie decided to become friends -I agreed to her proposal immediately, and we still communicate and support each other! By the way, she also took part in the challenge, and her smile and story inspired so many people! I wish Ellie that all her wishes come true and all her charitable endeavors will always be successful!

Ellie Shelton, all animators, singers, cosplayers , Swan Princess creators, this talented people gave me the opportunity to make  people happy and strive for the goal, and become better! I am very grateful for their work and support! I'm sure other fans think the same way!

In conclusion, I want to say to the fans of the Swan Princess: never give up, believe in your dreams and do not be afraid to try something new, because by discovering new things you will find a completely new world ,and hobbies, meet talented people and become better! This is exactly what the story of the Swan Princess taught me!"

We are so grateful to have such a kind and wonderful Swan Princess Fan as you, Kate! Thank you!!

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