Kat Smith

Kat Smith

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Kat was born in Mesa, Arizona. Growing up she moved almost every three years and spent the last four years of high school in Amarillo, Texas. After high school, she moved to Boise, Idaho where she lives now.


Caitlin works at an alteration shop with bridal gowns, which she enjoys. She finds it most fun when brides bring in custom projects. Kat's dream job would be making custom costumes and voice acting.


When Kat is not working, she focuses on creating costumes, dressing up and making people smile. Kat's favorite part of cosplay is helping people remember the characters that they look up to or have deep connections with.


She loves it when little kids see her dressed as a princess, get excited and run up calling her the name of the princess.


Kat enjoys cosplay of underrated characters. She plans to start a YouTube series with tutorials and behind the scenes of creating these characters. We look forward to when she does a tutorial on Odette.

When Caitlin is not sewing she is either singing, modeling, or acting. She is also trying to get back into drawing. 


Kat has done some doll repainting for fun. She created this adorable Princess Odette doll as a gift to Swan Princess Producer, Seldon O. Young.

Odette is The Swan Princess that Kat identifies with most because she believes in all the good in the world and tries to make everything right.

Caitlin also connects with is Queen Uberta because "she’s a sweet lady who wants what’s best for her son and people. She’s funny and quirky which is what makes life more full."   


Kat is grateful for the great people and animal friends in her life, including her boyfriend, Dylan and her rag doll tuxedo cat. Her name is Tracer and she is 3 years old.

Kat's talent and passion make her so much fun to spend time with!

Thank you, Caitlin, for being such a supportive and active fan of The Swan Princess!! 

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