December 2020 Fan Feature

December 2020 Fan Feature

Chris was born on October 29th, 1994 in Corbin, Kentucky. He still lives there today. He went to Oak Grove Elementary School, Whitley County Middle School, and Whitley County High School.

He went to Somerset Community College for two years to and then went to Eastern Kentucky University for the rest of his college years where he was an English Major with a focus in Theatre.

In his directing class, he directed a 10-minute play called “Kingdom of the Spider” by Nick Zagone. He says it was the best experience of his entire college career. He loved bringing his creative image of the play to life. The people involed in the play said they were surprised at how professional Chris was when he didn’t have any previous experience. Chris has also been told that he is pretty good at acting.

Chris currently works in housekeeping at a hospital, which isn’t a job he likes AT ALL. His dream is to write books, be a screenwriter, and direct. Chris has been working on a book called “Journey of a Lost Soul” ever since he graduated high school. He loves imagining stories and thinking what they’d be like if they happened.

Chris loves to make videos on YouTube. He loves to watch movies, binge-watch shows, do edits that he posts on DeviantART and Tumblr, and spend time with his girlfriend, Karlee.

He loves to sing (he is told he has a great voice), swim, listen to music, read, and he dabbles a little bit in fan-casting for movies. This is one of his submissions for the Live Action Movie Poster Contest. You can enter the contest with your own submission here.

Chris really enjoys looking at behind the scenes of shows and movies. He just adores learning all that goes into making movies and shows. He enjoys listening to audio commentary, which he knows a lot of people don’t like but he loves it.

Chris's personality is VERY sarcastic and sassy. He is very savage when it comes to his sass, to the point where he could be compared to The Golden Girls. He is very stubborn, mischievous, and he always speaks his mind.

Chris is very introverted. When he works on something he is passionate about, he makes sure it’s perfect. He is very critical and a pessimist. He says it keeps him from being disappointed and makes pleasant things all the more pleasant. He is a daydreamer. He is opinionated but also accepts different opinions, is brutally honest, and is romantic (according to Karlee).

Chris grew up watching the original Swan Princess film and its hand-drawn sequels. One of his earliest memories was seeing Odette’s transformation. He would watch all three movies back-to-back and would watch the original so many times that he was surprised he didn’t end up breaking his VHS tape. 

He thinks the first three movies have quality story-telling, animation, characters, songs, and continuity.

When Chris bought himself the Blu-Ray version for his 25th birthday in 2019, he absolutely ADORED seeing the clearer visuals. He feels a strong connection with the film because they are the same age.

Chris and Karlee are in a long-distance relationship so they relate to the song “Far Longer Than Forever”. They plan to dance their first dance as a married couple to "Far Longer Than Forever", at their wedding someday.

Chris identifies with two Swan Princess characters the most. One of them is Lord Rogers because of how they are both sarcastic, savage, and point out things that should be obvious to others.

The other is Odette, because she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and doesn’t back down, even when it could mean her life.

Chris says both characters are feisty, witty, playful, and mischievous. Chris looks at how Odette holds herself up against Rothbart as an example of how he shouldn’t let a hard situation get the better of him. Chris loves that Odette will save herself if she can but will still allow others to help her. He can relate to that and he thinks a lot of people can relate to it too.

Some of Chris's other favorites are:

Movies: The Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid, Rise of the Guardians, Moana, Zootopia, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Finding Nemo, The Land Before Time, Anastasia, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure, Titanic, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Meet Me In St. Louis, Shrek 2, Ever After, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (With Brandy Norwood and the late Whitney Houston)

Books: Anne of Green Gables, The Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia (Except for The Silver Chair and especially The Last Battle), To Kill a Mocking Bird, Eye Killers, Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen

Music: Broadway music (And Broadway-style music), Judy Garland ( he thinks she has the BEST VOICE OF ALL TIME), Demi Lovato, Whitney Houston, Coco Jones, Anika Noni Rose, Jodi Benson, Anneliese van der Pol, Christina Aguilera, Josh Groban, Sierra Boggess, Ramin Karimloo, Peabo Bryson, Alan Menken, Hans Zimmer, Tchaikovsky, Lex de Azevedo, just to name a few.

TV Shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Once Upon a Time, The Golden Girls, Teen Titans, I Love Lucy, Reba, Full House, The Nanny, Boy Meets World, Frasier, X-Men Evolution, Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, That’s So Raven, The Facts of Life, Kim Possible
Broadway Shows: Wicked, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Into the Woods, The Wiz, Hairspray, The Phantom of the Opera, Anastasia

Chris is fond of the idea of Rothbart’s daughter, Odile, from the original Swan Lake appearing in a live-action remake. He feels that a really good remake should stay true to the original but also not be afraid to make changes and do something different.

Chris thinks that Odile would add something, like being a sassy villainess or even a sassy anti-hero. She’d be able to add a layer of depth to Rothbart by having Odile be part of his motivation for doing what he does, because of his love for his daughter.

We love hearing fan story ideas!

You can find Chris on social media at:


We are honored to have as passionate a fan as Chris in the Swan Princess family. Thank you Chris!

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Thank you so much for having me be the featured fan. It was such an honor and I can’t believe that it’s really true. My pessimistic side keeps on thinking it’s just a dream, that and you guys actually following me back on Instagram lol. It’s unbelievable! It’s an honor to be part of The Swan Princess family and the fandom. If you guys ever want to give a fan a chance to work on the live-action movie as a fellow director or a writer, I wouldn’t say no lol. Sorry that it took me so long to get around to commenting but I guess I just had to process that this was real. And if you like hearing ideas from fans, look out because on my Tumblr, I’m going to be listing things I’d love to see in the live-action remake and things I think it should do. Sharing this with people actually manage to inspire a friend of mine to decide to enter the poster contest too, which I’m really happy about. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Once again, thank you guys SO MUCH!

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