January 2021 Featured Fan

January 2021 Featured Fan

Allison grew up in Roseburg, Oregon and now lives just outside of Portland, Oregon.

She worked for Petsmart as a Petshotel Associate for the last few years but Covid closures put an end to her position there early in 2020. 

Allison is part of The Swan Princess marketing team and has been working as a consultant since the fall of 2018. She primarily creates news and product videos for the Swan Princess YouTube channel.

She is the voice of the Chamberg Daily News! Check out the most recent below.


Allison also provides a lot of YouTube input for The Swan Princess since she manages her own channel. Check out Allison's game play videos here! 

She does some consulting outside of the The Swan Princess, making video games, which she really enjoys!

She likes cosplay and do improv acting, mostly at convention panels.

Allison grew up with the first three Swan Princess films, which were released beginning when she was two years old. She was not aware of the sequels beyond the third movie until 2017 when she ran into The Swan Princess booth at the Portland Comic Convention. Since that encounter Allison has been a valued member of the Swan Princess team.

Of The Swan Princess characters, Allison Identifies mostly with Odette. She tries to be her best despite not always being in the best situations. She also kept hope in a long distance relationship while unsure it would work out. Both Allison and Odette ended their long distance relationship in marriage, so that worked!

Allison is a fan of obscure children's animation media, especially fairytale. She takes pleasure in finding fairytale media and is proud of learning what she can from them. Examples include works by: Golden Films, GoodTimes Entertainment, Bevanfield Films, Filmation, Rankin/Bass, and Nelvana (especially from the 80s). 

Recently Allison added a new love into her life that gives her endless joy! Meet Hendrik!

Here are some of Allison's fun Swan Princess memories:

1. When she was young, she would visit her grandparents who lived far away. One time they took her to the video store to rent movies. Allison noticed Swan Princess and the Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure (the third film in the series) at the store. Although she had seen it several times at home, she asked her Grandma to rent it. Her grandma told her "you should watch something you haven't seen before," and Allison responded "But I've never seen this in my life!! I didn't know there was three! Pleeeeaase!" Thankfully, her sister also wanted to watch it so she backed Allison up.

About halfway through Allison said "oh I love this part!" and could just feel Grandma turning over to look at her. It was totally worth it though.

2. Allison is autistic, so she struggled putting words together when she was a child. She had to take a speech class to help her learn to verbally express herself. But boy howdy she loooved Swan Princess and wanted to write stories about it. So for opening assignments in class everyday, she would take time to doodle a picture for her story. She would expound on the "plot" with each of her drawings. Eventually it helped Allison craft her  storytelling skills with actual words. She would learn in class how to actually explain the drawings and figure out how come up with words.

Thus, Swan Princess is something that's just near to Allison's heart, always. Allison is also dear to the heart of the rest of the Swan Princess team!


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Allison make great visual novel, simple games she make too.
Make her stories easy to follow and learn the engelish :] Verry nice!

Prussia Wushia

My mind go brrrrrrrrrr for this very very wholesomeness I freaking love this. I’m gonna cri TwT


I can attest that Allison is one of the best women I’ve ever known and the write-up on her was so spot-on she’s so genuine and does love her swan princess ❤️

Jill Horst

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