March 2022 Featured Fan

March 2022 Featured Fan

Alexandra Boyd is a Canadian girl, born and raised in a small town. She always had big dreams about wanting to see the world, and so she often escaped in books when she was too young to actually get herself anywhere.


Through books, movies and films Alexandra was able to discover a love for acting and the performing arts, which would eventually turn into cosplay and performing. She studied to be a professional performer with a musical theatre background, and currently operates her own entertainment company in her hometown so that other little ones can experience a kind of magic that Alexandra didn’t have access to as a child.

Alexandra says she has her dream job now. She used to dream of being on Broadway. But her dreams have shifted a little over the last six or seven years and Alexandra is really happy with what she is able to do for the little ones in her community. Being able to bring their favorite fairytale characters to life is beyond anything that Alexandra ever dreamed! One of Alexandra's favorite quotes is “I became an entertainer not because I wanted to but because I was meant to.” - Danny Kaye

Alexandra is a singer and an actor. She loves to write and read and she enjoys watching older films with actors long since gone because of how insanely talented so many of them are. She has given some mediocre thought to writing a children’s book recently as well, so we can't wait to see where that adventure takes her!

Alexandra was definitely a fan of the original Swan Princess film. Being a 90’s baby, that was the only one she really had for a bit and she thinks that’s why it resonates with her the most.

Alexandra has always loved Odette. This idea that she didn’t fit into the typical princess mold is incredible! Rather than simply agreeing to marry Derek when he decides that she’s pretty enough, Odette wants to know that there is more to their relationship. She calls him out on this antiquated idea that beauty is all that matters in a royal marriage, beauty and family ties. And she wants to be loved and respected for the person that she is. Alexandra thinks a lot of young people can relate to that sort of idea!

Alexandra has been lucky to enjoy a lot of different things since she was a kid. She grew up with the Disney Renaissance, so she fell in love with the different characters there. Harry Potter was a big one growing up for Alexandra as well. Her youth consisted of a lot of Broadway musicals, 80’s rock and old school jazz too. As a proud Canadian, Alexandra is also a big fan of baseball and her Toronto Blue Jays!

Thank you Alexandra for being such a wonderful part of our Swan Princess Family!

You can follow Alexandra on Instagram here!

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