February 2021 Featured Fan

February 2021 Featured Fan

Swan Princess fan, Kyle Enlow grew up and lives in Kincaid, Illinois. He graduated from South Fork High School in Kincaid.

He loves to watch movies, listen to music, and read books. 

Kyle grew up watching all three of the original Swan Princess films. He had all three on VHS and would watch them often. He watched them so much that he can still remember some of the previews that played before two of the movies. It wasn't until 2012 that Kyle got the first three Swan Princess movies on DVD. Then a year ago he replaced his Swan Princess DVD with the 25th anniversary Blu-ray which he couldn't wait to get.

Kyle is a huge Swan Princess fan and has a substantial collection of memorabilia. His collection includes the films, an original movie poster, nine production cels, and four matching pencil art pieces for four of the cels. Kyle is thankful to the Swan Princess team for giving him the opportunity to own these animation cels.
As someone with Asperger's, he spends a lot of time alone and as a kid these movies were special to him. He never thought, as a kid watching these films, that he would get a chance to own a piece of them. Kyle says It is an honor to get to own them and help keep the magic of the Swan Princess alive."

The character Kyle identifies with most is Queen Uberta. She is his favorite character because of her crazy and dramatic personality, and he loves her character design. Kyle has some of Uberta's crazy personality, but he keeps it behind his calm exterior.  Kyle has so many beloved Uberta moments, but his personal favorite is when she and Rogers fall through the stage in the third movie and she is threatening to tear him to pieces. It just so happens Kyle owns an art cel from that very sequence.

Kyle is a big fan of movies. It is hard for him to pick a favorite because he likes so many.

He is a fan of anime and one of his favorite studios is the legendary Studio Ghibli. Their movies and the Swan Princess are some of Kyle's all time favorite animated films.

Kyle's favorite books are biographies. He loves to learn new things about famous people in history. Kyle's music varies greatly. In his iTunes library he has soundtracks like Swan Princess, as well as albums and songs in English, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, and Spanish. He likes to listen to music from all around the world.

It is an honor for us to have such a dedicated fan as Kyle in our Swan Princess family! Thank you Kyle!

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