June 2021 Featured Fan

June 2021 Featured Fan

Kaitlynn was born in Henderson, Nevada, and grew up in Las Vegas for his first nine years. She moved to Utah, where she has lived, in the Provo area for the past sixteen years.

She graduated from high school with honors and then attended several years of college at the University of Utah.

Kaitlynn works at the Provo Hospital as a member of the EVS team, more commonly known as the housekeeping team. She has been working there for the last five years and has really enjoyed helping to keep the hospital clean.

When Kaitlynn is not working, she participates many hobbies, including gaming, reading and arts. She is talented at playing the violin and singing.

Kaitlynn's favorite pastime is spending time with the her family and all of the activities the family is involved in, including conventions.

Kaitlynn grew up watching the original Swan Princess movie. She can remember when it first came out in 1994, and it has always been her favorite movie.

The character that Kaitlynn identifies with the most is Princess Odette, because she is a courageous and strong. She is an outstanding woman that Kaitlynn has always looked up to. She also loves Princess Odette's singing voice, which has inspired Kaitlynn to sing herself.

At the 2019 Swan Princess 25th Anniversary event, Kaitlynn was able to meet not only the singing voice for Princess Odette, Liz Callaway, but also the Lyricist of Far Longer Than Forever, David Zippel.


Kaitlynn loves many different movies from classic musicals to Disney animation.

Her favorite movie is The Phantom with Billy Zane. It is her favorite music as well. 

Kaitlynn loves classical music, country western music, and everything in between. Right now she is listening to Amici Forever and Andy Black.

As for books, there are too many that she would love to name as favorites because reading is one of her most loved past times. She is always looking for her next book to read and loves to reread old favorites. Brandon Sanderson, Sara M Eden, and Rebecca Connelly are three of her favorite authors.

Kaitlynn's most memorable moment was meeting the Swan Princess Producers, Seldon and Jared.

Then receiving a gold invitation to attend the 25th Anniversary of the Swan Princess.

Kaitlynn says, "One of my proudest moments is forming a friendship with Seldon, Jared and the rest of the Swan Princess family, to which I feel part of. I love attending events and love seeking them out so that I can renew those friendships."

Kaitlynn is such a great support to the Swan Princess team as a soft-spoken, positive force to all that we do. We are proud to have her as one of our fan family!

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