March 2021 Featured Fan

March 2021 Featured Fan

Alyssa Erickson was born in Logan, Utah, and has moved between Utah and
Vancouver, Washington, a few times in her life.

She currently lives in Layton,
Utah, with her husband and pets.

Alyssa has had a lot of jobs. Her favorites have been working at a
movie theatre, a daycare, as a professional
mermaid performer for the Utah Mermaids, doing reservations for Delta
airlines, and working as a host at a wedding reception center. 

Alyssa's dream job is be to do the voices of animated characters
in movies.

Alyssa loves to sing and she has a collection of instruments that she is
learning to play. She is especially obsessed with Ukuleles and
she has 6 of them. Alyssa also loves to hang out with her family, binge watch tv shows, play the animal crossing video game, and read. Alyssa likes to cosplay and will take any excuse she can to dress up.

Alyssa has loved the original Swan Princess film for as long as she can
remember. She used to pretend to be Odette and run around
everywhere singing Far Longer than Forever.

Alyssa loves to visit The Swan Princess booth at all of the Salt Lake City Comicons and has a very impressive collection of Swan Princess animated art!

Alyssa isn't sure which Swan Princess character she identifies with most because she loves them all! She aspires to be as fabulous as
Queen Uberta though.

Alyssa loves almost anything Disney, fairy tale stories and retellings of them, Broadway musicals, and pretty much anything with music.

Alyssa has a lot of pets. She has 4 cats, a ferret, and a hedgehog. She
even likes to take her cat outside on a leash. She loves taking him to
anywhere that allows pets.

Alyssa is the oldest of 6 kids. She has 3 brothers and two sisters and she is the mother of an angel baby.

Alyssa is currently in school to get her medical billing and coding degree and she drives a blue vespa scooter.


One of Alyssa's best memories is when she attended the anniversary premiere for the Swan Princess and met so many amazing people!

You can find Alyssa on Facebook here
You can find Alyssa on Instagram here

It's wonderful to have someone as beautiful and kind as Alyssa in our Swan Princess family, thanks Alyssa!

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