Featured Fan

Featured Fan

Matt Asboe was born in July in Pocatello, Idaho.

He went to Highland High School where he excelled in theater and art.

Matt is creative, genuine and is always able to furnish a smile!


Matt currently works as a cook, but dreams of producing a movie and performing some of the voice acting. He did some voice work as puffin for The Swan Princess Hidden Tales app. Matt claims that gig was his favorite job so far.

You can download Hidden Tales on the App Store or Google Play but Puffin's level (with Matt's voice) has yet to be released.

Matt identifies with and shares many personality traits with Puffin! He is energetic, mischievous, punctual, and expressive with his hands. Matt loves to make people laugh and has a sense of humor similar to Puffin's.

Some of Matt's hobbies are cosplay, rock climbing, reading, short fan films, going to the gym, and attending comic-cons. He likes to keep busy and is a man of many talents, including athleticism, which makes for a great superhero cosplayer!


Like all the rest of us, Matt has had to learn from his mistakes. Like his most embarrassing moment, when he broke character on the stage of a play that he was the lead in.

But Matt is unique because he is not afraid of those mistakes, especially when performing. If he wants to do something, he will keep trying until he achieves it, no matter how difficult!

Matt grew up watching the first three Swan Princess movies. He even has a VHS of the second film, Escape from Castle Mountain, signed by the Producer, Seldon O. Young.   

Some of Matt's idols are Austin St. John, Adelaide Kane, and Christian Kane, because they are amazing actors that he would love to work with someday.

Thanks to Matt for being a great support to The Swan Princess! 

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Hi there, how are you? When they are coming for the swan princess kingdom of music dvd on August 6 and thank you.

Leila al Jandal

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