November 2020 Fan Feature

November 2020 Fan Feature

Emily Ware was born and raised in Arvada, Colorado. She lives with her mom, dad and her sister. She went to a special needs school growing up and graduated high school.

Emily loves her job working for the cosmetics department at the Walmart by her house. She has been working there for two years.

Swan Princess Makeup Kit

Emily loves to collect autographs, crochet and listen to music from the 80’s and country music. We think collecting autographs is such a fun hobby! This is an autograph by Swan Princess producer Seldon Young!

Emily also loves to draw!

 Emily grew up watching the Swan Princess films. She has 7 of the movies and is excited to collect the last 3. 

Swan Princess Films

Emily's favorite character is Odette because she kind and brave and she helps her friends and kingdom. We love that about Princess Odette too.

Princess Odette and Derek Wedding

Emily is a Barbie movie collector. She loves Tinker Bell as well and she collects the TV series Once Upon a Time. She also loves the songs from all of the Swan Princess movies.

Emily has a zoo of animals that she loves very much. She has 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 ferrets, a macaw, turtle, and a frog.

We love having Emily as part of our Swan Princess community! Thank you Emily!

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