September Fan Feature

September Fan Feature

  Growing up in a family of magicians was an interesting childhood for Angela Hinton, filled with juggling school, magic show rehearsals, and writing. Her parents had normal “9 to 5” jobs, but the family would perform magic shows on the weekends and during the summer season.
Angela joined their act when she was 6 years old. Most of their shows were local, but they performed as far away as Japan. Although she has hung up her magic wand, Angela's heart is still in children’s entertainment.

Angela's favorite job she ever had was when she was still in school and worked for a band. Normally, she worked in the office, but one time their normal merchandise person couldn’t make it to a show, so Angela got to travel hundreds of miles with them on the tour bus and then help sell merchandise at the concert.

Angela has done many other more prestigious things, but it truly was such a joy for her to interact “on the front lines” with the fans of the band and hear how that band’s music had impacted their lives.

Currently, Angela makes documentaries for children. She feels very blessed to have had so many wonderful opportunities and mentors in different aspects of filmmaking, but secretly Angela's dream job is slightly different. Ever since she was little, her secret dream has always been to be a least in voice. Angela's dream is to voice an animated princess. 

  In Angela's spare time, she loves painting pottery, traveling, visiting gardens and museums, and dancing swing and ballroom. She also loves writing and has written one book and co-written another.

Growing up, Angela helped her parents write the scripts for their magic shows. Every show was different and, although they would sometimes use the same tricks, they’d tailor each show’s script specifically for each audience. (Angela remembers one time during a performance she started into one script, but it was from a different show. It made for a pretty crazy time of trying to navigate back to the right script.)

Later, Angela and her mom helped her dad accomplish his dream of having his own local children’s tv show. Angela helped write the show scripts and even helped write the lyrics for the theme song.


Unfortunately, Angela didn’t get to see The Swan Princess in theaters, but she does remember watching it on video as a kid. A few years ago, Angela rediscovered the film and just adores it!!

  Angela is so proud of Princess Odette and how her quiet confidence. Even though it was advantageous for her kingdom and Derek’s for the two of them to marry, she gently asked Derek why he liked her. When he said that it was because she’s hot, Angela was so proud of her for basically saying, “Dig deeper, dude.” She wanted a relationship, not just a romance. She politely held her ground until she was loved like a person and not a piece of real estate. She was interested in enduring the “happily ever after” and not just an on the surface, “I’m pretty, you’re pretty, let’s get married” kind of relationship. 

  Angela is a sucker for a sweet story, and her tastes lean towards vintage eras of movies, tv shows and music - where the guys were chivalrous, gallant gentlemen and the women allow them to be (while still maintaining their own quiet strength).

Her favorite animated film, besides “The Swan Princess” is “Beauty and the Beast.” Angela really liked the animated short, “Dear Basketball.” She especially adores classic films as well as tv shows like “I Love Lucy” and “The Brady Bunch.” Angela's favorite thing is discovering rare movies with charming stories that scarcely anyone has heard of. Films like “Damsel in Distress,” “30 Day Princess,” “Heartbeat,” etc. are some of her favorites.

  Angela was recently interviewed (because she loves collecting movie and tv props and wardrobe) on a podcast web show called That Pop Culture Show.

You can watch her episode of the show here

Most would say Angela's most prestigious accomplishment was winning 2 Telly awards for a documentary she did, but Angela doesn’t even display those awards because that’s not what’s important to her. Memories mean more to her than medals.

Some of the most fun memories Angela has ever had were things like getting slimed on Nickelodeon as a kid, and the time she got to sing karaoke to a Brady Bunch song with Barry Williams (who played “Greg” on The Brady Bunch), and going to a seminar where she got to read a scene from “A Goofy Movie” with Bill Farmer doing the voice of Goofy, and being pulled into a Grease cast photo by one of the actors, and winning 2 different dance contests she didn’t know she had entered.

While attending Megacon in Orlando, Florida, Angela and her mother, Shirley, spent some time with Swan Princess Producer Seldon Young and started her art cel collection!

Angela and Shirley, were instrumental during The Swan Princess 25th Anniversary Celebration. They operated the Photo Booth and all the fun props the partygoers played with!

You can hear Angela's advice for kids in Hollywood here

You can see Angela's IMDB page here

We are so proud to have a well-rounded, fun, talented fan like Angela in our Swan Princess family!

Thank you Angela!

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