Tina Roper

Tina Roper

Tina was one of the first ever fans to purchase an Art Cel three years ago! Here is the one she chose.

We were so happy to see and catch up with Tina when she stopped by our booth at the 2019 Salt Lake City FanX Spring convention. We love that she stops by every year to share her fun personality and smile with us! 

Tina Roper grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently lives in the Salt Lake valley in Utah and loves working in people operations! Her favorite part is working with the employees and supporting them through their journey at the company. Tina's dream job is one where she can bring people joy and laughter.

Tina is loves baseball and is a San Fransisco Giants fan

Tina remembers watching The Swan Princess when she was little and loved the songs. In fact, she still sings Far Longer than Forever while driving.

Of all the Swan Princess characters, Tina's personality is most similar to Odette, because they share a dominant tendency to take action. Odette researched, planned and executed a strategy. while she was under Rothbart's spell. She was brave and determined to get what she wanted. Tina shares the same courage and perseverance in her goals and daily life.

She is active and loves the outdoors

Tina started playing the flute when she was ten years old and was able to participate in several amazing opportunities with musical competitions. She is very musically talented which is why she is exciting to see our newest film coming out THIS SUMMER; Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music. 

She loves to cosplay, especially with her sister, Tiffy!


Here's a fun fact about Tina that shows her similarity to Odette; going after what she wants:

After college Tina purchased her first car, a Ford Mustang. Since Mustangs are considered a sports car it naturally was a manual transmission. Tina knew it was right the car for her but did not know how to drive a manual, so her Dad had to drive her new car home from the dealership. She bought a car she didn't know how to drive but wasn't the least bit worried. She was brave and within a week she was cruising in her 'stang'.

The Swan Princess fan family is blessed to count Tina as a member, what a joyful and powerful woman!

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