April 2020 Featured News

April 2020 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom 

Many people are covering their mouth and nose in public places to protect themselves and help slow the spread of COVID-19. Masks have been hard to come by and many people are making their own. We have A LOT of Swan Princess fabric and have made a few masks to see what they would look like.

We want to provide some for fans too so we have hired a couple of seamstresses who are working on making many more masks. We will have both pink argyle and purple argyle available. Or if you want to make your own, buy the fabric here.

The enamel pins of Princess Odette will be available for preorder beginning May 1st! Limited quantities will be had.

Our Hidden Tales app has new pricing, as before, the first 5 chapters are free! Now you can get additional chapters for only $1.99. Three more chapters being published right now!

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Don’t forget about our other, high-speed game 

Gator Escape

    As a side note on games, a Swan Princess fan by the name of AppleSeeds, has created a Princess Odette dress for the Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    We love seeing this creativity!

    Due to high demand from fans, we are releasing Karaoke versions of favorite Swan Princess songs. They will be available on itunes, Amazon and YouTube in the next couple weeks.

    We will also be releasing more sing-a-long lyric videos like this one of Mr. Nice Guy.

    Swan princess has been in the news lately with all the home streaming.

    Ranked #3 on 5 Nostalgic Movies to Watch on Hulu To Help Boost Your Happiness

    And check out the mention in this YouTube video: 

    Swan Princess movies are available to streaming on Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and Sky for, those in the UK!

    Interested in streaming other great content for families?

    Check out our affiliate channel here! 

    And Sony's new YouTube channel!

      Don’t forget that we have a giveaway of Swan princess merchandise every month. This month is Derek's Journal

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      or visit our giveaway page to enter every month 

      The Chamberg Daily News is celebrating its one-year anniversary! It’s been super fun being able to talk to you all and share the news, and I’m looking forward to another year of being with you guys!


        Swan Princess Series DVDs


        12 pack                                                                                7 pack


        Original Trilogy                       Trumpet of the Swan                Royal MyZtery 


        Kingdom of Music                            Remastered BluRay

        If you've ever wanted to watch the whole series but didn't have time to, now's your chance!

        Q: (Question asked by Courtney R. W. Williams) The character names are some of my favorites in animated movies! Do any of them have fun/interesting origins or reasons they were chosen for the movie?

        A:  From our character designer Steve Gordon, “To underline he was overreaching in his quest to appear superior the name is  a combination of the hoity Jean-Paul (or some name like that) and lower class name Billy-Bob" and from our writer Brian Nissen:

        “Derek was just one of many names we tried. We actually like Eric but were then reminded that this was the name of the prince in Little Mermaid. I can’t remember the other names that were in the running. Initially, we thought Derek was too contemporary, but we went with it for one of the early drafts and it just stuck. The same thing happened later with Alise. It felt too modern, but as time went on it seemed right and it stuck.

        In regards to Jean-Bob, in early drafts of promotional materials, his name was Shipley but we weren’t completely satisfied with that. I was looking for a play on French male names like Jean-Claude and Jean-Pierre. I knew I wanted the second half to feel out of place - something that contradicted the Frenchness of Jean, like Jean-Ned or Jean-Larry. Jean-Bob seemed to have the right sound and level of ridiculousness.  

        As mentioned in the movie, Speed’s real name is Lorenzo Trudgealong. We really like it but we felt like it would be better to have a nickname that cut against the turtle stereotype. Speed felt right, mostly because it sounds like a name that was sarcastically bestowed by Jean-Bob, along with Mr. Molasses and a host of others.

        Uberta and Bromley both came from name books. They just felt right. Uberta especially seemed to match her. It sounds rigid and royal. Lord Rogers was a tip of the hat to many a Hollywood butler or valet named Rogers.

        Originally, Rothbart’s sidekick was just called The Hag, but in sequels, she became known as Bridget which I liked because it seemed like such a cute, unexpected name, given that it was the name of one of the Von Trapp children."

        Odette’s Diary Entry: 

        Dear Diary,

        Well in some good news, my arm’s healed and crime-rate has been dropping! In some not-so-good news, it’s probably a result of everyone having to stay indoors, due to an illness that has been spreading around.  While I’m relieved that the crimes have calmed down, it worries me to look out the window and see empty streets. Derek and I are doing our best to help those in the miller's village. Because they are further away from town it has been more difficult for them to get supplies. Puffin, the Scullions and Speed have started an air and sea delivery service, so that everyone is taken care of. I’m proud of Alise! The delivery service was actually her idea and she convinced Rogers to make carrying devices for the shipments. Every day she is becoming more adept at royal responsibilities. JeanBob has been trying to help Rogers find some sort of cure for this sickness. He is convinced that he if the sure is successful, he can take all the credit and get maiden kisses. I guess it’s good to know, at least in these stressful times, that some things haven’t changed. 

        For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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