April 2021 Featured News

April 2021 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!:

We would like to announce an exciting new partnership with Shauna LaFara!

Shauna is a clothing designer who has been sewing garments since 2012. She has been working with our new exclusive fabric designs to make clothes perfect for everyday wear or a night out. You can purchase the fabric here

She has made some adorable accessories for our online store already. This is her concept sketch for the hairbows and scrunchies.


And here are the actual products! The rhinestones on the bows add the perfect hint of sparkle for fans both young and old!

You can purchase a scrunchy here.

You can purchase the hairbows here.

We will be adding some of Shauna's custom creations to our online store soon! Until then here are some of her beautiful inspiration sketches for you to enjoy! We think she is just as talented of an artist as a seamstress!


Shauna's fun and classic retro influence can really be seen in these pretty skirt styles! The styles are not only flattering, but will make you feel like a princess wherever you go!


Shauna hasn't forgotten our younger fans! The Grow With Me dress can be easily size adjusted as the child grows for the maximum years of wear. 

Which of these designs would you love to wear? Let us know on social media @swanprincessofficial.

Check out more about Shauna and her upcoming Swan Princess designs here

Introducing Our Newest Jewelry Line - heart shaped pendants and lockets, featuring a swan...just like Odette's in the movie!

We have added two new locket designs to our gold heart jewelry options.

Both of our lockets and gold heart pendants are 18k gold plated and made in the USA!

These can also be used with a jump ring, instead of a chain, and attached to a charm bracelet.

More designs are coming to our everlasting love collection. Including a birthstone locket!

Purchase the Everlasting Love collection here


We love seeing how The Swan Princess films have touched fans all over the globe! This week, pop-star Britney Spears shared a favorite scene from the, original 1994 film. This is the iconic moment that Odette stands up for herself as a mature woman, not just a pretty face.

Read the article about Britney's parallels to The Swan Princess here.

We think Britney and Princess Odette have a lot in common! They are both beautiful women both inside and out that work hard everyday for independence and respect!

We are proud to have Britney Spears as a Swan Princess Fan!


We still have stock of the vintage movie posters from the 1994 film release!

3 classic styles available: 

Odette with Animal Friends

Movie Cast

Moon on the Lake

Q: Is there anyone who’s been part of the Swan Princess for every single movie?

A: Director Richard Rich, Writer Brian Nissen, and Producers, Jared F Brown and Seldon Young have been involved in all ten of The Swan Princess films. Not only have the leaders of the team remained the same but both Steve Vinovich (voice of Puffin) and Mark Harelick (voice of Lord Rogers ), have continued as voice actors throughout the series. One of the most important team members of the series is Joe Compana, the Editor who has completed all ten Swan Princess films.  

The Swan Princess films just wouldn't be the same without the loyal staff!

Dear Diary, 

Alise is back from her diplomacy trip today. She was so tired she went to bed the moment she set her bags down. Duke Norman, who had been accompanying her during her stay in the village, said the trip may have been a little overwhelming for her, but she did a wonderful job! She was more than capable of finding solutions to villager's problems and bringing everyone together. Alise has such a big heart, and I admire her so much for that. Now its time for her to learn it’s important to take care of yourself too, especially when other people depend on you. After all, if you get run down, how can you help others? 

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