How To Be A Drama Queen

How To Be A Drama Queen

How to Be a Drama Queen

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Queen Uberta knows better than anyone that the best way to get all of the attention and be the main character of your own story is to bring all of the drama! Add a little fabulousness to your life with the tips below! 
How To Be A Drama Queen
A Drama Queen Exaggerates
Is someone old? Say they're ancient! Is it hot outside? Say its on fire! Every story, in the mind of a drama queen, can be improved by saying things bigger and more intense than they actually are. For example, to tell Lord Rogers he is not as good of a dancer as he used to be she says he is weak and old. She reminds him that he is used to dance with "grace and style", but that's not the case anymore. While an exaggeration, it did inspire him to dance a fantastic tango!
Swan Princess
A Drama Queen Gets Angry Easily
 A drama queen holds all of their emotions very close to the surface. Even the smallest things can irritate them and they shoe this displeasure through a temper tantrum of anger. Queen Uberta gets extremely angry after Lord Rogers accuses that someone else is in possession of her body. She grabs him by his shirt and throws him in the wall. He will certainly be more careful in the future!
A Drama Queen Has Mood Swings
Because of these very large emotions held sop close to the surface, a drama queen's temperament can change as quickly as the words spoken to her. Anger flares to the forefront as Lord Rogers accidentally falls in Queen Uberta's lap. a Once she realizes that she actually fell on a stage, and the judges approve her "performance", she changes her mood rapidly and feels honored and overjoyed! When Prince Derek tells Queen Uberta he won't be present at her birthday celebration, she is devastated, crying in despair. The thought occurs to her that Prince Derek could be leaving to bring her a gift instead and she is excited and exclaiming in happiness! Chamberlain reminds her, however, that the kingdom may be under attack, causing his true absence. She changes her mood quickly again back to depressive sadness. Poor Chamberlain must have emotional whiplash!
How To Be A Drama Queen Swan
A Drama Queen Fears Nobody
Queen Uberta fears no one. She rages even when she is being held hostage, or when she is in a zeppelin about to be captured. Her emotions must be shared, and loudly, no matter who is causing them or the danger they may present. The danger isn't in charge here, Queen Uberta's feelings are!
How To Be A Swan Drama Queen
A Drama Queen Turn Feelings Into A Performance
A drama queen is always the star of the show performing for an audience, even if that audience is only in her own mind. Queen Uberta is theatrical. She shows her anger when she receives a letter wishing her a happy birthday, but which rudely mentions the fact that she is turning 50. She gestures and makes a point of demonstrating her feelings through gestures and speech that would certainly win her an award in any production.
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