How To Be A Good Friend

How To Be A Good Friend

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Life alone would be nothing but boring. A good friend can help you smile through the bad times and laugh through the good times. Prince Derek's best friend is Bromely, and he is the perfect example of the kind of wonderful friend to be.

A Good Friend Accepts Challenges

A good friend knows when others are overwhelmed with challenges and offers to help. Derek asks Bromley to investigate who makes and buys the type of clothing that was found while investigating the crop arsonist. Also, Bromley follows Odette to help her put out the fire. He works hard to make his friend's daily challenges easier.

A Good Friend Shows Courage

Friendship isn't always easy. A good friend has to know when it is important to take a risk to help with a challenge, even when difficult. Bromley shows courage to help Derek in his archery training. He knows it is important for Prince Derek to practice so Bromley puts an apple over his head to serve as a target for Derek's arrow training. That is a scary thing to try but Bromley uses a lot of courage to be there for Derek.

A Good Friend Provides Healthy Competition

Tasks like practicing archery can become dull and boring after a while, no matter how important learning the skill may be. A good friend can motivate another with some fun, healthy competition. Bromley and Derek compete against each other in archery. Though Bromley knows he is no match for Derek's skill, he competes anyway to keep important training fun for Prince Derek.

A Good Friend Is a Companion In Dangerous Situations

Danger is scary on your own so good friends always have each other's backs. Even though it scares him, Bromley follows Derek while both explore the forest looking for the Great Animal. After all, a good friend knows there's safety in numbers.

A Good Friend Provides Comic Relief

When people are stressed, sometimes the best way to help them relax a bit is with some comic relief! A well placed, good-natured joke can make a world of difference to the overall mood. Bromley feels scared after facing a rat causing amusement to those around him. He also asks Derek to leave the cable loose to be an exciting ride on the obstacle course making Derek and Lord Rogers smile on a stressful Festival Day.

A Good Friend Is There When Needed The Most

When Derek is about to be attacked by a The Great Animal, Bromley throws him an arrow, so Derek can defend himself killing Rothbart. Without Bromely's help right at that exact moment, Derek wouldn't have won the battle.


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