How to be a Savage

How to be a Savage

How to Be a Savage

Just like Rothbart!

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Anyone can be villainous, but it takes a true baddie to be a savage! Lets find out how Rothbart makes his savagery seem effortless.

1. A Savage Tries To Steal What Is Not Theirs.

Why work hard for something of your own when you can just take it from someone else? Not satisfied in just the plan to steal William's kingdom for his own, Rothbart says that someday, he will take everything Willian owns and loves. He may be a bit of an overachiever, but this turns his villainy savage.

2. A Savage Does Not Respect Women

Respect should be given to everyone, that's what makes it so savage when Rothbart refuses to give it. Rothbart doesn't take no for an answer, proposing to Odette once more every night though every night she turns him down. She promptly refuses, and he proceeds to yell and be extremely rude to her. Furthermore, he causes discomfort and embarrassment to all the women in the kingdom.

3. A Savage Laughs At Inappropriate Times

It is unsettling when a laugh is heard at a dangerous time. Rothbart threatens and makes fun of Odette when she is already frightened. He invades a celebration in the kingdom and casts a spell on Odette, who turns back into the hag, and leaves Derek worried for the real Odette's safety, laughing all the while.

4. A Savage Uses Illusion To Deceive

When a villain can't just take or steal what they want outright, they savagely turn to trickery and illusion to con their way to victory. Rothbart turns his hag partner into looking like Odette, to trick Prince Derek into making a vow of everlasting love to the wrong girl, killing Odette and leaving her kingdom open to usurping by Rothbart.

5. A Savage Has More Than One Personality

A villain is mean, but a savage knows how to cater their personality to each horrible situation for maximum damage, impact, and manipulation. Rothbart passes off as a calm and understanding character, and changes into a ruthless villain. In addition, he is manipulative and arrogant, and even throws Bromley into the water inside the prison with Odette.
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