January 2021 Featured News

January 2021 Featured News

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It's Almost Valentine's Day!

Far Longer Than Forever

At the Swan Princess, we have a history of long marriages/relationships. Couples just like Derek and Odette, who made vows of everlasting love!

Director, Rick Rich and his wife Connie have been married 50 years in June 2021

Producer, Jared Brown and his wife Margie have been married for 50 years in August 2021. 

Producer, Seldon Young and his wife Shellie have been married 48 years.

We want to hear about your relationship and your very best Valentine's story!

Share your story and/or a photo on social media and tag @swanprincessofficial

Or email us at Odette@swanprincessseries.com

Swan Princess Executive Assistant Eric Olsen (with his wife Tracee) shares his favorite Valentine story below:

"40 years ago, I was working for the owners who would eventually produce The Swan Princess (Seldon Young and Jared Brown).  Their Company was holding the annual recognition dinner, and I asked my then-girlfriend to attend with me.  A couple days before the dinner, my girlfriend bailed on me, and I didn’t have anyone to take.  One of my co-workers had a daughter who was only 18 years old, but my co-worker said her daughter would be happy to go for a free steak dinner.  The night of the dinner, we immediately became more interested in each other than the entertainment that the company had arranged for the night.  The hotel hosting the company dinner was also hosting a high school Senior Prom in their ballroom.  My date and I had worn formal attire for the Company dinner, so we figured we could just sneak into the Prom.  She was 18 and I looked like I was 16, although I was 22 years old at the time.  We had a fantastic time crashing their prom and dancing the night away.  She became my sweetheart and we got married later that year.  Without knowing, the producers had arranged for me to meet the girl that I have been married to now for 39 years.  (And I still work for Seldon Young and Jared Brown.)


Brian the Swan Princess scriptwriter and his wife Maria have been married 34 years. He tells one of his favorite stories below.

"Maria and I got married in the final year of my Master’s program at the California Institute of the Arts. We weren’t quite sure how we were going to make it. But in the summer after I graduated I got a call from Richard Rich who I knew from Church. Knowing that I had done some playwriting in college, he asked if I could do a re-write of a couple of short form scripts he was working on in those days. It turned in to full time employment. A few years later, Rick, Seldon and Jared began dreaming about a feature film. That’s when I was tasked with writing a first draft of the Swan Princess. Happily I was there to write all the drafts that followed. By the time the movie premiered we had bought a home in California and had three young boys. It was a magical time. I felt very lucky to be involved and feel the same way today. "


This weekend we will join with the Mascot Miracles Foundation to throw a Swan Princess themed pajama party for the children with terminal illnesses and severe special needs that they serve. In order to stay safe during the current pandemic this party is drive through! The party has two parts. First families can drive through a Swan Princess meet and greet. They get to meet Princess Odette and take pictures together through their car windows. Then, they will be given a party supply packet, lovingly packed by volunteers, to take home with them.

These packets include a treasure hunt and prizes, a bingo card, Swan Princess coloring and craft pages, a bracelet craft, and the best part: Swan Princess DVDs! Because what's a pajama party without an amazing movie? Later that night, all the families can join Princess Odette on a Facebook live stream to play bingo, read stories, sing songs, and have a wonderful time together! 

Have your own Swan Princess Pajama Party with the fun treasure hunt game below. Just print it out and follow the instructions.

Order the Swan Princess DVDs for your movie night here!

Learn more about the partnership with Swan Princess and the Mascot Miracles Foundation here!


Treasure Hunt Instructions

Clue 1: Hand this clue to the children to start the treasure hunt.

Clue 2: Hide this clue where your child eats their lunch

Clue 3: Place this clue with whichever your child rides in most, their bike or the family car

Clue 4: Hide this clue where you style your children’s hair

Clue 5: Put this clue with your child’s favorite board, card, or video game

Clue 6: Place this clue where you store the cups and dishes

Clue 7: Hide this clue at the biggest window in your house

Clue 8: Hide the prize where your child usually listens to music and dances 

Fun Add-On: Have some music ready to play for a celebration dance when the prize is found!

Clue 1: “Up 'til now I've pulled my punches

I intend to eat their lunches

No more Mr. Nice Guy, not for me”

-Rothbart, The Swan Princess 

Where do you eat your lunch?


Clue 2: “Every single princess on the planet

Prayed to be invited to the ball

Every Portia, Guinevere and Janet

Would come by coach or boat to be here

Most would swim the moat to be here”

-Princesses on Parade, The Swan Princess

How do you travel- car, bike? Check there for your next clue


Clue 3: “King William: Good heavens, child, don’t dawdle

We can’t keep Derek waiting

Odette: I haven't packed or washed my hair

And father I get seasick”

-My Idea of Fun, The Swan Princess 

What do you use to wash and style your hair?


Clue 4: “Derek: She tries to talk me into playing dress-up

She's always flirting with the castle guards

Bromley: I think you really sorta like her, 'fess up

Derek: I'd like her better if she'd lose at cards

Four sevens and a ten

Odette: I think I've won again

Derek & Bromley: Every time she's won

Odette: This is my idea

Derek: This isn't my idea

Odette & Derek: Of fun”

-This is My Idea of Fun, The Swan Princess

Where do you keep your favorite game?


Clue 5: “ I'll take aim at any target

I'll stake claim to every wealth

And I think I'll fill the cup of power

And drink it to my health”

-Clauvius, Swan Princess Secret of the Castle

Look for the next clue where you keep your cups and dishes.


Clue 6: “All the clouds have vanished

Now that fear is banished

From the kingdom 

What a glorious day”

-It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This, Swan Princess and the Hidden Treasure

Look out your castle’s largest window for your next clue.


Clue 7: “It's the truth when we say

It doesn't get any better than this

All the best in the land are here

Showing their hand and we're

Sure they're the best that exist


We can dance like the wind


Play a wizard's violin”

-It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This, Swan Princess and the Hidden Treasure

Where do you listen to music and dance like the wind?


NEW Couple's Mystery Box

To celebrate this romantic season we are offering a special limited edition Couple's Mystery Box! Filled with a surprise selection of Swan Princess merchandise to create the perfect, romantic date night. Be sure to order soon to receive it in time to give as a spectacular Valentine's gift to your Prince or Princess!

Watch the unboxing here!

Order your Couple's Mystery Box here!

The Swan Princess Series has recently turned 26 years old. We asked Producer, Seldon Young which scene or quote from the original film has stuck with him the most or remained a favorite over the years?

 The quote that is most meaningful to me is "Its not what it seems." Although in film it refers to the transformation between human and the Great Animal, I believe it is a perfect metaphor for life that I try to live by. It could be said its another way of saying to not judge a book by its cover. Many things in life turn out better than they seem.

Dear Diary,

With a new year, one of my resolutions is to do a big project with everyone in the castle to bring us closer together. It took a long while to think of what we could do, but then I realized, why not do a cookbook? I know Ferdinand and Frederik are the royal cooks and have every recipe under the sun, and having one for our family and the kingdom sounded like lots of fun!


For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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