June 2021 Featured News

June 2021 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!

The Swan Princess has launched a theme within a fabulous game on Roblox:

In this game, you can create a Swan Princess themed boutique with clothes and accessories you design. Then, dress up in all these exciting items, including Odette's necklace, swan wings, and Rothbart's crown.

You can design your boutique with Swan Princess themed overlays (including friends like Puffin, JeanBob, and Speed!) and display your designs in your store front for other players to see.


Test your skill searching for and collecting stars at either Derek's castle or Rothbart's castle. These stars can be used to purchase more design options for your outfits.


You can then put on fashion shows on a stage that you design. You can decorate your stage with Swan Princess props and backdrops straight from the movie!

Then visit the shows your friends are putting on and vote for your favorite outfits.

Play the new Cosplay Runway game here

We are so excited for this new way for fans to experience the Swan Princess! What do you think of the game? Let us know on social media by tagging us @SwanPrincessOfficial

We’ve noticed a number of our Featured Fans wearing their Swan Princess commemorative watches. It is a wonderful way to keep a piece of the Swan Princess with you every day! 

Joshua Orro

Amelia Spindley

Alyssa Erickson

Allison Raible

Jenni Lisonbee

Ellie Shelton

Kaitlynn Barnes

Ai Tenshi Misha

Summer Allen

Resident Canine - Roxy - waiting for the watch to be read to her!

Learn about our Featured Fans here!
Are you a Swan Princess Fan? Would you like to be featured on our website? 

Email Odette@SwanPrincessSeries.com

Purchase a Swan Princess commemorative watch here


Circle of Hope Boutique will be putting any remaining Swan Princess Loungefly backpacks and wallets for sale on their website Saturday June 26th 11am PST.

If you want one of these, be ready to buy fast!

Because we love our fans, the Swan Princess website now has a rewards program! Sign up for Royal Rewards by clicking the pink icon in the bottom right corner of the website and start earning points on all your purchases.


Feel like a real princess every day with our new gathered circle skirts! We have partnered with American designer Shauna LaFara to offer these beautiful Swan Princess inspired skirts in both adult and children sizes!

They are made with our trademark Swan Princess custom fabric. There are 5 different choices!

These skirts are custom sized to your measurements, you won't find anything this amazing in stores! This 100% cotton skirt is cool, fun, and flattering, and perfect for warm summertime days.

Purchase your Swan Princess skirt here

Learn more about designer Shauna LaFara here

What kind of flowers were in the scene where Odette is first introduced at the enchanted castle and JeanBob tries to pole-vault over the moat on a cat tail?

Answer: The flowers are purple Calla Lilies. These beautiful flowers are native to Africa, so we think it must be because of the Forbidden Arts magic they were able to grow at Swan Lake.


Dear Diary, 

Could you believe it? In one of the kingdoms to the south, the royal family has been invited to put on a fashion show! Apparently, the story of our kingdom has been told far and wide; thanks especially to the popularity of Queen Uberta’s book  “Queen U to the Rescue”. So much so that we have suddenly become responsible for the newest trends. ‘Swan towel folding’ is something we’re being credited for... I didn’t know you could fold a towel like a swan but I would love to learn more! 

Anyway, we were invited to participate in a show for the newest fashions! Obviously we have accepted and have until the end of summer to design, create and model clothing for the fashion show!  With Derek and my love story being so ‘Swan' oriented, everyone is racking their brains for swan inspired clothing. I do feel as though there is more to the story we can share other than just Swans… hmm. I wonder if Rodgers or Chamberlain have any design ideas? This will be a fun summer project that I am so excited for!

For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.


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I have a problem! Some people believe that Naveen (in frog form) from Disney’s the Princess and the Frog is not similar to Jean-Bob. But I believe that Naveen is indeed similar to Jean-Bob, and also the transformation water spell just like Odette’s transformation.

Johnny Yankovich

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