March 2020 Featured News

March 2020 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom 


The 10th Swan Princess film is wrapping up production! We are not able to give out many of the details and don’t yet have a date for release. We heard from the Producers, who have viewed the final product, that it is a beautiful film, with emotionally moving music. They also mentioned some new, fun characters! We can’t wait for fans to see it!

New possibilities are now available for anyone interested in being an AFFILIATE. You don’t need a website, you can sign up with a Facebook, YouTube, or Tumblr account! Once you are accepted as an affiliate, you can include links to the Swan Princess store and your favorite products on your social media account. If anyone clicks on the links and makes a purchase, you get paid! Check out the affiliate page if you are interested!

The Swan Princess: Hidden Tales App is making a return! New developments are coming from the creators of the Gator Escape app, Imagimax. There will be new chapters releasing over the next few weeks with new stories and characters. Download here to give it a chance!



We finally have the Princess Odette dress in plus sizes! You can buy the same amazing quality dress in sizes 14-16, 18-20 and 22-24. And don’t forget that it comes in kid’s sizes too!


Q: What is the favorite movie in the Swan Princess series among the staff.

A: Of course the original 1994 film, The Swan Princess is the favorite of everyone but we do have a few runners-up for favorite among the staff.

The Swan Princess The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure: The third film in the series is a favorite among many because it continues the adventure, rather than re-telling it, and feels like a true sequel. It has a very entertaining villain to continue Rothbart’s plots. It’s refreshing that Derek and Odette work together instead of being separated throughout the film. Derek’s powerful love for his wife, expressed by the endearing song “Because I Love Her”, makes the ending together so rewarding.

The Swan Princess Royal Family Tale: The fifth film in the series is loved by staff members for showing a new, more mature side to the royal family, not just by the adoption of Alise but the manner that Derek and Odette handle affairs and Uberta and Rogers finally expressing their feelings towards each other. Strong families have a support system and this film introduces Scully, a powerful mentor, and guard to the royal family. Royal Family Tales is also the first film using J Bateman as Composer and the staff is forever in love with his song “Always With You”.

The Swan Princess Royally Undercover: The seventh film is the favorite of all the adventurous personalities of the staff. It is loved for the steampunk style and creative wardrobe as well as the beautiful scenery! The action-packed James Bondish theme is the most fun of the series. Roger’s secret spy room is the ultimate childhood dream of many and the comedic moments keep the whole story entertaining.


Odette’s Diary Entry: 

Dear Diary,

This may be a little more sloppy than usual. While my writing arm is fine, my other one is in a sling so I can’t press the book down as well as I used to. Why? Because a food cart ran me over. I know, bizarre right? The strange vandalism around the kingdom has been getting worse. Now we are actually seeing broken windows and stolen goods. I finally snuck out one night, alone, to investigate. In retrospect, I should have asked Derek to come with me. He was helping in his own way, by keeping Speed and Jean Bob occupied at the castle, so I took the risk on my own. I patrolled around the market place all night. When I heard a crash I went to see what it was. It was a rock that had been tossed at the bakery window. While examining the rock, I heard a clicking noise. I think the window was just a distraction because just then, the produce cart from Ludwig’s fruit stand came rolling down from atop the hill. I was caught off guard and I did not have any time to move out of the way. When the cart hit me and I fell, my arm broke the fall and twisted in the landing. Luckily, the doctor says it is only a sprain. Before heading back to the castle I remember seeing a bird flying away in the moonlight. It almost looked like Puffin with something on his head. Things are getting worse, and now I think I’m being targeted because I am investigating. What can I do? I can’t just ignore criminal activity in the kingdom. Derek is insisting I keep a guard with me anytime I leave my rooms.

For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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