May 2020 Featured News

May 2020 Featured News

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News From The Kingdom

Announcing the Swan Princess Act-It-Out Challenge!

Enter to win a Swan Princess silver coin collection (all 5 coins a $250 value)

Contest begins May 15, 2020

Submit your own smackers video. Check out this video with Director, Rick Rich, as he demonstrates how acting smackers (acting reference clips) work.

Make your own acting smackers video of any scene from any Swan Princess film. You can use your own voice or you can use audio from the film as you see Rick doing.

Email your entry to

Entry deadline is July 31, 2020

The limited-edition fantasy pin of Princess Odette went over so well that we want to create more designs for the fans to enjoy. Here are the designs we have been considering. Many have voted for Derek and Odette as children next. What do you think?

One style of Swan Princess mask has been completed and is on its way to us. We can't guarantee shipping of orders until June but you can buy now 

    Swan Princess Sing-along VHS

      An obscure but interesting merchandise released post-movie 3 of singalongs for the three movies. It’s rare to find this on VHS or streaming. Sometimes there will be a seller on eBay that has one. We are working to get Sony Pictures to put it up on their Kids Zone Channel on YouTube

      Q: When Rothbart was defeated, why did Bridget get taken in by the royal family after nearly killing everyone?

      A:  If there’s anything Odette is about, it is second chances and forgiveness. With Rothbart gone, Bridget had nowhere to go and had a chance to either go to prison or be banished. Bridget was, technically, the one overseeing Odette’s captivity and feeding her under Rothbart’s orders. After this relationship, Odette wanted to give Bridget a chance and see if she had more honor and better judgment without Rothbart’s evil influence. Lucky for everyone, without being ordered around by a power-hungry maniac, Bridget was a pretty good person.

      Odette’s Diary Entry: 

      Dear Diary,

      It’s been a strange and surreal time here in the kingdom. All the changes to cope with the sickness are keeping everyone in the palace busy, but also a bit off balance. I keep wondering if we will need to adjust permanently to this new lifestyle. I’ve been spending a lot more time with Queen Uberta. She hasn't been able to socialize with any of her lady friends that she can easily gossip with. She does chat with Bridget but most of her talk goes over Bridget's head. The Queen has fun while spending time with Alise but really seems to need more mature companionship. She and Rogers are, wisely, not spending much time together to keep the bickering to a minimum. Being Uberta's companion during this time is giving me some priceless insights into the decisions and actions of a Queen. When Uberta is no longer able and Derek properly is crowned King, I will need all the skills that I am gaining from her now. Uberta is so knowledgeable about everything going on in the kingdom. Even now, when the doors on the streets are locked tight. She took me into her ‘secret chambers’ this week. This is where her direct mail from the townsfolk is delivered. She showed me all of the letters she receives asking for help and advice. To think, all the times I thought she was responding to party invites, she has been diligently answering letters and writing orders to solve the kingdom's problems and keep the town running smoothly. She let me look through some of them. I swear, I nearly went cross-eyed from all the reading I had to do in just an hour. She makes it look so easy! While she’s still the same ever, eccentric Uberta, I have a new-found appreciation and respect for her. She doesn’t talk about most of her charity work and other things, even though it would make her the center of attention. She seems to gain satisfaction from doing something right, without applause. With all her sound judgment and hard work, she earns every moment of peace she can find. 

      For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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