May 2021 Featured News

May 2021 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!:

The first Swan Princess Loungefly backpack and wallet have been released on presale at Circle of Hope Boutique! This is a limited edition release that will not be reproduced.

The backpacks have sold out during the presale. There are a few wallets remaining for purchase.

Presale orders are expected to fill in 4-8 weeks. If you really want one of these backpacks, keep an eye on Instagram during the coming weeks for any cancelled sales that are restocked.


This Swan Princess Loungefly design, and any that may come in the future, will be exclusively available through Circle of Hope Boutique. 

New Pin!

As announced in our monthly newsletter, our newest limited-edition fantasy pin is Speed and JeanBob. The pin is still in production so we do not yet have an image of it, but the picture above of JeanBob riding on Speed's back is the basic design that is coming.

The presale for these adorable pins will begin May 28th at the price of $22.99. Presale orders will ship in mid-June.

Announcing the 11th Swan Princess Film!

We've heard a lot of rumors going around about the next Swan Princess film to be released. We are finally able to tell the fans that the eleventh Swan Princess film is now beginning production. There is not yet a title, not even a preliminary title. If you've heard of any existing titles for this film, they are fictional since our only working title is Swan Princess 11 (which obviously won't be the actual title).

There is also no release date but since production is just beginning, there certainly will not be a release this year!



Our 25th anniversary commemorative watches feature colorful designs of Swan Princess characters and scenes.

Such as:

The Transformation

JeanBob in his cape

The Great Animal


As well as some beautifully elegant designs.

Such as:


Gold and Silver Swans


Odette with Silver Gems

Gold with Butterflies

These are the perfect accessory to add to any Swan Princess fan's collection!

Q: On some of the theatrical trailers and posters, there was a mouse along with the other animal friends, were they planned as a character? If so, what was their name?

A: Sort of! While in the script they didn’t have a name, you do see him as the mouse that frightens Bromley in the woods.

The scene begins with Bromley and Derek searching for the Great Animal.

Remembering the creature "is not what it seems" a frightened Bromley aims his bow and arrow first at a dragonfly and then at the unsuspecting mouse. When the mouse squeaks, Bromley screams and runs away.

Here is how the original continuity script for that scene reads:

We love that this cute mouse makes a cameo appearance on the movie posters! What would you have named the mouse if you wrote the script? Let us know on social media @SwanPrincessOfficial!

Dear Diary, 

Mother’s Day this year was a little different. Earlier this month, Mrs. Lucia Trudgealong, Speed’s mother, traveled all the way from the Southern Coast to visit her son! She has been on this trip for more than half a year; being a turtle didn’t help with the speed in getting here. Alise had a great idea to throw a Mother's Day party for Mrs. Trudgealong along with the other important mother figures in the castle. During the celebration we had a play reenactment of the story of Derek and I coming together and Rothbart's curse. It was very fun to see Alise and Lukas play the part of me and Derek, even though Jean-Bob kept trying to play the Derek role so he could show off his ‘princely nature on the big stage’. Rogers played Rothbart and Speed was more than happy to play himself. It was a fun time all around, and Mrs. Trudgealong couldn’t have been happier for her little Lorenzo!

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