October 2020 Featured News

October 2020 Featured News

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News From the Kingdom

We've had many fan questions about Odile and how her character developed for the 1994 film. We have a behind the scenes video coming out this month for all of you awaiting answers on this topic...Odile explained!

Watch for it on our YouTube Channel

Meanwhile, take a look at some of the Odile art we have available in the shop.

    The DVDs of The Swan Princess A Royal Wedding are finally in stock. This DVD will not be available for purchase anywhere outside of our website and there is a limited supply.

    Buy yours here!

    You can also stream A Royal Wedding here!

    Swan Princess Calendar

    We are so excited for the upcoming year, we are going to be offering a Swan Princess 2021 calendar. These will be available for purchase on our website soon.


    This month we were honored to participate in a trunk-or-treat activity for families of terminally ill children, with Mascot Miracles Foundation. This event was so much fun for the families who had some awesome Halloween costumes. And for Odette, who dressed as Odile for Halloween this year!

    The families set out sacks and buckets for Odile and the other mascots to fill with goodies. 

    Odette brought princess makeup kits for the girls and treats for the boys. Everyone loved them! One sweet cancer warrior couldn't wait to use the bright glitter makeup to draw eyebrows after losing hers to chemotherapy treatments. We think her eyebrows will look fabulous!

    For months we have been sold out of the gold heart necklace. Many of you have asked when they will be available but we have been having trouble getting them in stock. We are so happy to announce that we will finally have a stock of them in time for the holidays this year!

    Our featured product this month is the Princess Odette Costume Dress and accessories!

    This beautifully crafted dress comes in child sizes and adult sizes, including plus sizes. It is a comfortable and flexible velvet fabric and is perfect for the Halloween season.

    You can add the perfect touch with our heart necklace and bracelet set, our foam crown or even dress your doll in the same costume!  

    Q&A Corner!:

    Q: (TheWickedMerman) How did destroying Rothbart's notes manage to bring Odette back to life?

    A:  In a way, it worked similarly to Odette’s death from Rothbart's captivity. While she had already technically passed, Derek was able to destroy Rothbart and his control of the forbidden arts in time that the curse was reverse and Odette lived.  The same concept applies here, because both the user and the magic was destroyed, the damage done was reversed. 

    Odette’s Diary Entry: Haunted Maze

    Dear Diary,

    We had quite a treat this year! Along with tulips, Lucas' family reserved a part of their field for growing corn. The stalks were so tall, you could hardly go in the field without getting lost! This gave JeanBob an idea. He wanted to cut a path through the large field of corn to make a maze. Jasper, or Number 9, came up with yet another idea to help out. He spread a rumor that the maze was haunted, but there was a ghostly treasure at the end. Would they be brave enough to go in? It wasn’t really haunted, but Jasper stalked around the corn to make noise. He yowled and scratched, and did whatever he could to scare the people inside. He didn’t count on people bravely making it to the end of the maze, so he didn’t get a prize ready! Luckily, Alise and Lucas were quick to make cookies to give out to the winners. To keep it ‘ghostly’, they made sure Scully was the one to hand out the cookies. It was a rousing success!  Lucas and his family will most definitely be making a Haunted Maze again next year!

    For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

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    I can’t wait for Odile Explained! It’s gonna be awesome! I can tell! And the answer to how destroying Rothbart’s notes managed to bring Odette back to life inspired me to (Eventually) make a post on my Tumblr on my theory about the magic of The Swan princess and how it affected Odette’s death in both the original movie and the third movie. It’s gonna be great if I do say so myself.

    The Wicked Merman

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