Swan Princess 25th Anniversary Celebration Live Stream

From the first time we saw Princess Odette meet her handsome Prince Derek to the start of a new royal romance, fans across the world have been captivated by The Swan Princess.

After 25 years of magical stories, timeless laughter and enchanting music, The Swan Princess celebrates the anniversary in style with a pink carpet event, October 24, 2019, at the W Hotel Hollywood Loft at 4:00pm PST. This event is by invitation only but will be streamed live for fans to watch. 

The activities will include interviews with the original film cast and crew, a cake contest judged by


A performance by Anna Graceman and a exclusive anniversary animation by Steve Gordon

The celebration also marks another special event - a gift to all of the fans - the release of the original movie in HD!

Once Upon a Time... The Swan Princess Movie Almost Died. Seldon Young tells the tale in a discussion with Mark Arnett and Brian Nissen, the screenwriter of The Swan Princess. 

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