Swan Princess Emojis

The first Swan Princess Digital Sticker Pack has been released and is available for download on iMessage or through the EmojiTap Keyboard App.

These expressive gifs and emoticons are presented by Bare Tree Media. Included are favorite Swan Princess characters and sayings to use while messaging with friends and family. 

Here's how to get them on iPhone

Follow step 1 and 2 each time you are ready to send a sticker.

The EmojiTap app can also be used on iPhone.

Then in iPhone settings the emoji tap keyboard can be added so that Swan Princess stickers can be used with any app that has a keyboard.

Here's how to get them on Android.

 Download the emojiTap Keyboard App. Then search for Swan Princess stickers in the emojiTap shop.

Emojitap places a floating icon on your phone

You can turn it on/off inside the EmojiTap app within Settings

Then, when you want to share a sticker, you click on the floating icon, find the app you want to share the sticker on, and go from there.