Swan Princess Fan Art Contest

The Swan Princess creators are so proud of all the amazing talent among our fans!

As a thanks to every contestant for all of the hard work and creativity a prize will be mailed to all contestants who send their mailing address to odette@swanprincessseries.com

The Swan Princess Fan Art contest winners are as follows:

1 -  Avitha

2 - Shizue

3 - Meghan

Close runners up:








Thanks again for your participation and get your addresses emailed in asap!


Contest details at the bottom of this page


7/14/2017 Mariah Nieves

7/15/17 Avitha

"Generation Up"

                                    "Daddy's Girl"                    "Take a hint and learn to read"  


                    "Together Forever"                        "Now and Forever"

7/16/2017 Cory

7/17/19 Kia


7/21/17 Molly


Molly's also has Swan Princess fan art on YouTube

7/31/17 Aishling

8/4/17 Taylor 

Roles Reversed

 8/5/17 Char

Calvin and Althea Meet Odette

8/12/17 Meghan

Please to Meet You Prince Derek

Pleased to Meet You Prince Derek

8/14/17 Christine

8/21/17 Maryia

8/18/17 Juan

8/28/17 Kirill

8/18/17 Jackie

8/29/17 Jamie

"Morning Stroll"

8/29/17 Eric

9/2/17 Joslyn

9/3/17 Sara

9/5/17 Raleigh

If I could break this spell


9/11/17 Shizue

Stained Glass Odette

9/13/17 Bri

Modern: Cheer-Leading

9/13/17 Kendra

9/13/17 Leeona

9/14/17 Kinga

Swan Princess inspired earring

9/14/17 Evie


If you are passionate about The Swan Princess and love to create art, you could win Swan Princess merchandise.

Beginning Friday July 14th, 2017 The Swan Princess will be taking submissions for a fan art contest.

Here are the details:

Submit your fan art between July 14, 2017 and September 14, 2017

You can submit your work by posting on either one of The Swan Princess Facebook pages: Swan Princess Movie or Official: The Swan Princess or by emailing your art to odette@swanprincessseries.com

All entries will be posted on this page along with the artists' webpage and/or social media page.

Submissions can be hand created, photographed or digital.

Submissions must have a Swan Princess theme, this includes the original film and any one of The Swan Princess sequels. There is no specific character or image requirement but the Producers want to see the fan's creative impressions so make it your own.

The artists' name(s) and contact information must be with the submission. The actual creator(s) of the art will be the prize winner. Please don't try to take credit for someone else's work!

There is not a limit to how many pieces of art you send in.

Please don't submit screenshots of The Swan Princess films.

Winners will be announced Monday September 18th, 2017

Prizes will be given to the top 5 artists chosen by The Swan Princess film Producers.

Prizes include:

Original Animation Cel


Gold Heart Pendant                       Golf Clothes



Vintage pin and Poster


Movies and Music

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