Tribute to Molly

On July 24th, 2022 the world and the Swan Princess community lost an incredible lady, Miss Molly Pegler. Molly was 23 years old when she died, after a lifelong battle with illness from Adrenal Insufficiency. 

We are profoundly upset by the loss of such a beautiful soul and want to share some of Molly's legacy with the Swan Princess community. 

Molly became friends with our Executive Producer ten years ago, when she was just 13 years old, and was interested in being a part of the Swan Princess social media campaigns. She created countless graphics and videos that have been enjoyed by Swan Princess fans for the past seven years. on Instagram is the incredible display of Molly's Swan Princess art! We've included some of our favorites here as well.

This one is a lot of fun because the animated face that Molly used in this graphic is of our Executive Producer and one of Molly's close friends, Laura Young.

A couple of the things Laura wants fans to know are:

"Molly was very thoughtful! She never missed a single one of my birthdays and always sent at least 2 videos for my “save the tears” birthday campaign to raise money for homeless and rescued animals. She frequently reached out to ask how I was doing or tell me about something that made her think of me. 4 days before she died, she messaged me, “Thinking of you 💖”. And for as sick as Molly was, she sure was driven and motivated."

Molly had a vastly creative mind! She was crafty, loved to paint, draw and make things with her hands, including this adorable paper Mache cat she made for Laura.

Here's one of Molly's beautiful lyric videos she made with one of our songs:

Check out more videos by Molly on her YouTube channel.

Molly and her Mum, Rachel, worked hard to bring awareness to Adrenal Insufficiency.

For example, they established Adrenal Insufficiency Awareness Day, June 6th.

Molly hosted a picnic each year on June 6th, called Molly's Worldwide Picnic.

Because Molly's favorite color was blue, participants from around the world sent in all their blue picnic pictures to be included on Molly's picnic map.

After one year of making Swan Princess "edits" as Molly liked to call her creative work, she was featured on our website.

You can learn more about Molly here.

Molly was also one of our featured fans!

Molly was an advocate for the disabled and was very articulate and outspoken on equal treatment for individuals with disabilities.  

She wrote articles and blogs for the awareness and support of the disabled.

Molly loved to write and wanted to write professionally. You can read some of her incredible work on her blog and her instagram.

Check out Molly's Blogspot here.

You can find Molly's Instagram account here.

 There was a GoFundMe campaign set up to help Molly with medical expenses but has now been converted to a campaign to help her family with funeral costs. If you are able and wish to donate you can find the GoFundMe account here

We are truly saddened by the passing of such an incredible woman. There are no words adequate to express the loss we have felt in the Swan Princess family. We hope Molly and her family find peace and feel all of our love as well as that of their family and friends around the world.