Swan Princess Relief Effort


The devastating circumstances in Ukraine and Russia have highlighted the needs of some of our wonderful fans in the area, whom we want to help. We have started by setting $5,000 aside for the future support of our beloved Swan Princess fans in need. Beginning the 1st of March 2022, all Swan Princess website proceeds are allocated to the relief fund. We will continue this collection until further notice, based on the financial needs of those affected by the crisis.

If you make a purchase on the website we will add all that is not used for shipping to the amount we have set aside to help those effected by the conflict.

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The situation and the needs of the people are changing daily, we are not able to determine specific uses for these funds at this time. However, we are currently in contact with many in need and are working to find the best ways to help.

Here are some of the situations we are following:

 A very talented Swan Princess fan in Europe had employment planned in St Petersburg this coming summer. Since the beginning of the conflict and the many economic effects in Russia. She wrote to us to find out about the job opportunities as she needs to help support her mother and sister. We are working on local networking to find an opportunity that suits her skillset. 

A member of the Swan Princess team is gathering information on an orphanage in Germany that received seventy orphaned refuges from the conflict in one night. We would like to provide them with resources, including mailing some Swan Princess plush toys for the children to hold through these challenges.

Producer, Seldon O Young, reached out to an important fan in Russia to check on her safety. Although the situation in Russia is difficult, she was so excited to hear from him and assure him that Swan Princess still brings hope to her and the people around her. She requested that Seldon create a birthday wish and bring some cheer to a friend, which Seldon was happy to do.

We have kept track of a family of Swan Princess fans from their evacuation of their home in Ukraine to a shelter in Nice, France. They are sharing an apartment with a large group of refugees, mostly family and friends. Luckily they are in a position that they can receive some financial aid. The men in their party helped the family flee to France and then returned to Ukraine to be part of the military effort.