Hidden Tales Free Plush Contest – The Swan Princess

Hidden Tales Free Plush Contest

Play Hidden Tales to win the Gator plush toy

Download the game here

Get all 120 available swans on the Hidden Tales game and win the free plush toy.

This alligator is a favorite plush toy of The Swan Princess staff, standing at 22 inches tall! Designed after the Swan Princess character fondly known by the artists as "Fatty", with a retail price of $16.
Here's how you can win it:
Play Hidden Tales
Earn the 75 swans included in the free portion of the game.
Purchase the next 3 levels and earn the 45 swan included on that portion of the game.
Go to the achievements (trophy) section of the game, to Leaderboards and find "Total Swans Collected". Take a screen shot of your leaderboard showing 120 swans (as pictured below). Send or post your screenshot and we will send you the huge gator plush toy!

See example images below:


Google images look slightly different as shown below:

(no one on Android has 120 swans so the #1 spot in this image says "104", your screenshot needs to show you have 120 swans)

The Leaderboard is publicly available so we will all be able to see you in the game center. In other words, photoshop will not win the gator for you.

For some help on how to play the game read the Blog Here! 

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