August Fan Feature

August Fan Feature

Our fan feature this month is Zelia Katsika! Zelia is 24 years old and was born in June. She lives in Athens, Greece. 

Zelia works as a pre-school teacher. She has had this job for four years.

Zelia loves to cosplay! She started when she used to play Swan Princess with her cousins when she was six years old.

Now she cosplays Odette because she is so adorable and beautiful. She loves to see herself as Odette and sees her as a powerful character.  Zelia also loves to dance, sing, and spend time in the forest- just like Princess Odette!

The people Zelia looks up to the most are Michael Jackson and Maria Callas. Zelia hopes to be an actress one day.

Zelia has many pets; four dogs, three cats, four birds and a bunny. 

She loves all kinds of music, especially Greek and national music.  

Zelia has dyslexia and another rare condition, but the Swan Princess teaches her to always remember to be loved.

We love amazing fans like Zelia! Thank you for being part of the Swan Princess Family!

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