Princess Alise

Princess Alise is the adopted daughter of Derek and Odette. She joined the family in the fifth Swan Princess movie , A Royal Family Tale. With the care and affections of Derek, Odette, Uberta and Rogers, Alise becomes a splendid and fun member of the palace life.


Princess Odette

Princess Odette is a graceful radiant young woman. A true princess in every way, worthy of the title and crown. Her outward beauty is only matched by her inner strength. She is kind and thoughtful and every bit a princess when she needs to be. As a girl Odette liked to laugh loudly, wrestle and play with the boys (who were not particularly keen on girls). When she grew older, she developed other interests such as astronomy and reading. She is very intelligent and learns quickly.

Growing up, Princess Odette always thought that Prince Derek was self-absorbed, until one day she saw the man inside, and all her doubts were gone. When Odette thought that Derek might be enamored only by her beauty, she refused to marry him. True love won out.

Princess Odette is strong-willed and stands up to the evil enchanter Rothbart and his several counterparts in each movie. More than just a pretty face and royal title, Princess Odette is a princess to be emulated, even when cursed to spend her days as a swan.


Prince Derek

Prince Derek is one of the most adventurous and heroic leading man in the history of classic fairy tales. He is handsome, courageous, strong and determined. When Derek learns of Odette's abduction by the Great Animal, he realizes his loss and the meaning of true love. Derek devotes himself to helping her escape his evil clutches. While Derek is a very likable guy with a good sense of humor, he becomes rather melancholy, until he finds Odette.

Prince Derek is a natural leader and an accomplished athlete. He demonstrates his skills in horseback riding adventures and in exciting and unusual archery competitions with Lord Rogers and Bromley. Day after day the Prince practices...he spins and fires his arrows with expert skill, never missing. His strongest desire is to fix the mistake he made by not confessing his undying love to Princess Odette when he had the chance. With courage and conviction he longs for the day that he will track down the Great Animal and tell Odette of his love for her.



JeanBob believes he is a human prince trapped inside the body of a frog. All he needs is a kiss from Princess Odette and POOF!, he'll return to his throne forever. With his suspicious French accent and uppity sense of humor he has become a favorite in The Swan Princess series.



Puffin is a visitor to Swan Lake. He's a tough Irish bird with military training, and he is determined to be of help to Princess Odette.



Speed is a slow-talking giant tortoise with a wry sense of humor. He is a trusted friend to Jean-Bob and has been a loyal friend to Princess Odette ever since she was brought to Swan Lake. He puts his life on the line in a dangerous underwater mission to free Princess Odette. Only when being pursued by hungry alligators does Speed live up to his name.



Rothbart is an evil Enchanter with one aim in life; to get King William's kingdom. He would prefer to gain title legally through marriage to the beautiful Princess Odette, and so, as the Great Animal, he captures Princess Odette, casts a spell on her, and threatens to keep her until she agrees to be his wife. However, after Prince Derek discovers Princess Odette is alive, Rothbart quickly plots to take the kingdom by force. His wickedness is intensified by his raspy voice and sinister glare. Rothbart is played by Jack Palance with delightful malice... complete with one-armed push-ups.


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