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The Swan Princess has launched a theme within a fabulous game on Roblox:

In this game, you can create a Swan Princess themed boutique with clothes and accessories you design. Then, dress up in all these exciting items, including Odette's necklace, swan wings, and Rothbart's crown. You can design your boutique with Swan Princess themed overlays (including friends like Puffin, JeanBob, and Speed!) and display your designs.

Play the new Cosplay Runway game here

Download the New Swan Princess Gator Escape, featuring JeanBob.

You control JeanBob by tapping and swiping as he is constantly on the move in the Swan Princess' kingdom. Hopping through the forest, in the castle, the town, he goes underground and underwater... while avoiding gators & obstacles and collecting coins to buy new costumes and skills along the way.

Also play Swan Princess Hidden Tales!

Help Princess Odette, Prince Derek, and other beloved characters of The Swan Princess on their exciting adventures! Win swans and find incredible secrets on this hidden objects game!


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Ready to test your knowledge of The Swan Princess? Get immersed in the trivia game.

Would you like to test your memory? Swan Princess' memory game is a super fun way to learn the characters.

Explore the world of The Swan Princess, a movie series loved by millions around the globe. 

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