December 2021 Featured Fan

December 2021 Featured Fan

ElsaRey grew up in the Lone Star State of Texas, where she was adopted by her grandmother, whom she calls "Mum".  ElsaRey considers her adoption to be the best thing that ever happened to her!

Due to hereditary (and at the time, undiagnosed) Bipolar Disorder and Hashimoto's Disease (an Autoimmune thyroid disease), ElsaRey was unable to attend public school.  So, ElsaRey was homeschooled by her Mum - quite a feat, considering that she had multiple health issues that left her with little to no energy.

After one too many cold, cloudy winters, the warmth and sunshine of the West began to call to them, and ElsaRey and Mum moved to Arizona, where they slowly thawed and stopped shivering.

Earlier this year, despite being disabled with her illnesses, ElsaRey started a teeny-tiny business selling crochet items.  What had once been a hobby has become her work, and she loves it!  From awareness ribbons to Christmas gifts and decorations, she is very proud of her "Trifles to Treasure".

ElsaRey's favorite hobby is singing!  She even started a YouTube Channel for her music videos.  She is blessed to have a musically-skilled friend who helps her make the vocals sound great. We think ElsaRey has a beautiful voice!

You can watch ElsaRey's YouTube channel here

ElsaRey entered our Swan Princess Acting Smackers competition last year. We loved her fun video!

ElsaRey also loves doing diamond art, velvet poster coloring, sewing (still learning!), and writing fiction and fan-fiction stories.  ElsaRey is always on the lookout for a new adventure!

ElsaRey grew up watching and re-watching her VHS of The Swan Princess:  Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure and was later hooked on the other Swan Princess Movies.  Her favorite Swan Princess song is actually not Far Longer Than Forever (though it is a very close second).  Goodbye from Kingdom of Music is her favorite because it is a song of agape love - TRUE love.

The Swan Princess character with whom ElsaRey identifies most changes from time to time.  Right now, she would have to say that she identifies with Odette because she is thrust into circumstances which she did not cause and over which she has no control, and still handles herself with dignity.

Fun things about ElsaRey:

Her favorite music genre is Classical Crossover (think artists like Josh Groban and Jackie Evancho).  She loves Disney movies, Barbie movies, Star Wars, and classic TV shows like Star Trek TOS, Mission Impossible, and The Partridge Family.  Vintage movies are always a hit at her house!  At Christmas time, ElsaRey loves watching The Best of Andy Williams Christmas Shows DVD.  She says Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without Andy!

ElsaRey's "idol" (though, as a Christian, she isn't fond of that word) is fellow YouTuber Peter Hollens, as he creates professional-quality acapella videos using his voice as background instruments.  ElsaRey's dream is to, one day, collaborate with him.

ElsaRey's favorite holiday is Halloween!  She cannot resist getting into a costume!  This year, in the spirit of her "Gentle Halloween" Tradition, she was a Circus Ringmaster!  Because of the COVID Pandemic, Mum and ElsaRey came up with a little game for the kids where she tossed the candy to them from a safe distance, giving them a second piece if they caught it.  All the while, ElsaRey had circus music playing in the background.

We are grateful to have a wonderful fan like ElsaRey in our Swan Princess Family!

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