June Fan Feature

June Fan Feature

Jenni Lisonbee was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has one brother, Dean. Jenni gets to live with her family. Her mom, Tammy, is one of her best friends. Jenni is 28 years old and has a beautiful, 2 year-old, daughter named Clarisa.

Jenni works at Walmart in the maintenance department. She had an interesting week at work, being a public site in a city...she got to paint over the graffiti after the protests.

She has always dreamed of a job working in the movie industry in either acting or almost any role.

When Jenni was a young child, Tammy took her to a movie store. She thought Jenni was following right behind her through the store. Then she heard this huge sigh and as she walked around the corner, saw Jenni laying on the floor with her arm over her head. Tammy asked Jenni what she was doing. Jenni dramatically pointed up to a Tom Cruise movie. Tammy then decided to enroll Jenni in some acting classes, where she learned her love of theater and movies.

Jenni loves to sew so Clary gets to wear a lot of fun clothes and costumes. During the last FanX Convention in Salt Lake City, she wore a dress patterned after Princess Alise.


Jenni likes to try new creative hobbies and sewing new costumes to wear. 


Here's a gender-bend Poison Ivy, from the DC Universe, that Jenni designed and sewed.

Jenni is currently working on a new costume for The Golden harp from Jack and the Beanstock story. She likes to cosplay and gets to cosplay with her mom!

Jenni also loves to cosplay with another Swan Princess "Superfan", Aireanna Rock. Read Aire's Fan Features Here!


Swan Princess has been apart of Jenni's life since it came out on VHS in 1995. She has been through 2 VHS tapes of the first movie. When she was 16 years old, she went on the hunt to find the Swan Princess film on DVD. She has remained a big fan in adulthood and now she gets to share them with her Daughter. Jenni is really happy that Clary can learn great things from the same characters she learned from as a child.


Jenni has built a friendship with Seldon Young, Producer of The Swan Princess, and now she calls him Papa Swan. Meeting him is one of her favorite memories. She was at Salt Lake City FanX in 2016. Jenni was wandering around the convention when she was confronted with a lot of pink. Her first thought was "oh look new princesses doing a photo booth". When she noticed the Swan Princess logo she started to cry! So many pure memories of childhood flooded back. While Jenni was having her emotional moment, Seldon approached her and asked how she was doing. She says, “the next thing I knew we were calling each other family because of the movies and our connection to them.”

Every Con she stops by The Swan Princess booth at least once a day and brings everyone with her to share in this world of beauty.

Jenni was able to attend the Swan Princess 25th Anniversary Celebration on October 24, 2019. She made it into a creative opportunity because she wanted the right dress to wear that she had put her own love into. 

Here is the dress she started with:

And here it is, all ready for the party!

She looked stunning in the dress!


When Jenni was young, she was a JeanBob girl all the way! Now she is a lot more like Puffin. She is a great leader and people trust her judgment! Jenni will do anything for her friends and family even if it's not the brave acts that Puffin has the opportunity to do.  

The Swan Princess is delighted to have Jenni as a fan and friend! She's always willing to help and bring plenty of sunshine with her!

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