Featured Fan

Featured Fan

Kirill was born in Kemerovo, Russia.

After kindergarten, at the age of five, Kirill's family moved to Berezovsky, in the Kemerovo region, where he continued school through 9th grade.

Kirill then attended Kuzbass State Technical College, earning his degree in Mining.

Kirill now lives in Berezovsky with his family: Mom, Grandma, and Stepdad

And their pets: Cat Manyunya and Dog Kapitalina.

Currently, Kirill is not working but would love to work as an advertising artist. He is very creative and skilled at digital arts.

He loves the Swan Princess and makes some amazing fan art

Kirill is a proud member of the Swan Princess fan community on VK.com where he displays his excellent digital skills. 

His favorite hobbies are making digital arts and singing. He also loves watching movies and TV shows.

Since childhood, he had the VHS tapes of the first three Swan Princess films. He remembers asking his mom to sing "Magic of Love" to help him fall asleep at night.

 Kirill still loves this franchise in adulthood.

Of the Swan Princess characters, Kirill identifies most with Prince Derek.   He says that, like Derek, "I can be a layman in some moments of my life, but I will never leave a friend in trouble and always offer my help. Also, we are very similar in that we stubbornly follow our goal and always achieve it."

Kirill is a fan of all the Swan Princess films and feels there is no difference between 3D and 2D. He loves the characters and the plot of this whole franchise. The transition to 3D did not affect his attitude toward the wonderful stories. We really love devout fans like Kirill! 

Check out Kirill's social media pages:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skrapstin/

VK: https://vk.com/id213094187

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kirill.skrapstin

The Swan Princess fan-community: https://vk.com/swan.princess

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