Featured Fan

Featured Fan

Stacey (aka Ai Tenshi Misha) was born in Incirlik, Turkey! Her father was in the Air Force, so her family traveled quite a bit until Stacey's dad officially retired in Ohio. She now considers Ohio her home.

From living in many different places while her dad was on active duty, Stacey learned a love for travel. Traveling has sparked her interest in learning and experiencing different places… especially trying the food!

Stacey has been modeling for ten years and is incredibly talented. Modeling has allowed her to travel many places she otherwise wouldn't have.

Stacey has fun when she stays busy! She works a lot. She is a full-time graphic designer on weekdays and on the weekends she splits time between modeling and entertaining at parties. 

 Stacey and her sister, Emily, used their shared interest in cosplay to start working together as the “Snow Sisters”, entertaining for kids’ birthday parties and events! 

Snow Sisters

Interesting fact 1: Stacey's sister (Stephanie) named her two dachshunds Derek and Odette.

Stacey may love her work but she still finds time for her passion - creating art. Ever since she can remember, she was always doing something creative. She started entering coloring contests at age 5! She also spent a lot time creating comic books and drawing during school every day. 

Interesting fact 2: Stacey used to work at a movie theater and is a big fan of movies. Her favorite genre is horror/suspense.

Stacey identifies with the Swan Princes character Odette the most! She admires that Odette grew up always being herself and has the personality of a leader. She was put in several difficult situations but always managed to find some kind of solution and remain positive. She also wasn’t afraid to speak her mind but was also always kind. 

Stay tuned for pictures from Stacey next photoshoot as Princess Odette, in this new designer dress. 

Interesting fact 3: Stacey regularly listens to Spanish, Japanese, and Korean music.

Along with The Swan Princess, Sailor Moon was a big part of Stacey's childhood. She has been a Moonie-obsessed fan for so many years. She expressed her passion by wearing her hair in pigtails for a full year in middle school. Stacey says that Sailor Moon and Odette have quite a few similarities, such as courage and kindness!

Sailor Moon Cosplay

Another thing Stacey is a huge fan of is the late singer, Selena Quintanilla. She admires Selena for her one-of-a-kind personality. Although Selena died when Stacey was a young child, her legacy left a huge impact in Stacey's life.

Interesting fact 4: Stacey loves karaoke, but says she is not good at singing.

Stacey recently got married and became Stacey Jennings!

She incorporated a lot of her favorite fandoms in her wedding! She chose her dress and bolero because of the detailing on the design was feathered, similar to a swan.

Not only did the dress remind her of The Swan Princess but she also included Sailor Moon decorations, Selena Quintanilla songs, and she played “Far Longer Than Forever” at her wedding.

Thank you to Stacey for being a Swan Princess fan and making such beautiful art for us all to enjoy! 

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Photographers: Bernadette Newberry, WinterWolf Studios, and Shelby Robinson

Designers: Romantic Threads, KMK Designs, Royal Enchantments, and A Mon Seul Desir

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