How to be the ideal man - Prince Derek and Odette kissing

How To Be The Ideal Man

How To be the Ideal Man

In our never-ending search to find as a partner or become  ourselves the Dashing Heroic Prince fairytale dreams are made of, we turn to Prince Derek: the ultimate example.
He teaches us the many ways "How To Be the Ideal Man".

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How to be the ideal man - Prince Derek bow and arrow

The ideal man is multitalented 

Prince Derek is handy with tools and personally checks equipment for safety, whether it be his own archery equipment or the obstacle course for the kingdom's Festival Days celebration.
He is an excellent marksman with a bow and arrow. His many years of playing Catch and Release with Bromley and Lord Rogers have taught Prince Derek bravery, technical skill, strength, and attention to detail.
Prince Derek and Princess Odette with bow and arrow

The ideal man is romantic. 

True it took Prince Derek to a while to find the right words to describe his feelings for Odette, but when he finally did he did not disappoint. Prince Derek likens Princess Odette to "magic" and tells her that she comes first for him, no matter what. He proves it to her every day by doing things like delegating other obligations to take her on a picnic.
Prince Derek holding Princess Odette in front of castle
The ideal man knows how to say sorry.
The best of men know how to say they are sorry genuinely and completely, and immediately after they have done something wrong.
As soon as Derek realized what day it was, he apologized for missing his anniversary with Odette.
Derek lied to Odette about getting rid of all of Rothbart's documents in the third Swan Princess film. This resulted in Odette being kidnapped and nearly losing her life. The first thing Derek says is "I'm sorry".
When Derek made his vow of everlasting love to the wrong woman and wounds Odette, he rushed to her side, begging for her forgiveness.
Prince Derek holding Puffin

The ideal man cares for others.

Derek not only cares for Odette but he cares for every citizen of their kingdom as well including their animal friends. When he and General Puffin are out searching for traps, Prince Derek gently carried Puffin home after he injured his tail. 

When Odette was captured by the Great Animal Derek immediately rushed into the danger to save her. When he found King William injured Derek held him while he passed away.

Prince Derek kissing Princess Odette

The ideal man never gives up.

Derek looked for Odette after she was taken, even though everyone else believed she was dead. He practiced his archery and researched everything he could find. He used every skill he could learn to reach his goal. Eventually he found her at the lake.

Prince Derek and Princess Odette kissing art cel

The ideal man takes the first step.

 Derek never hesitates to show Odette his affection for her by holding and kissing her.
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