September 2023 Featured News

September 2023 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!

Its Finally Here! 

The Swan Princess Finale!

The twelfth and final film in the Swan Princess franchise, The Swan Princess Far Longer Than Forever, releases online today!

Find where you can stream the film here!

You can preorder the DVD here!

Mascot Miracles Foundation Masquerade Ball Gala 

The Swan Princess was honored as a sponsor at the Mascot Miracles Foundation fundraising gala for all of their incredible support of the foundation! Guests celebrated the ten year anniversary of MMF with musical performances, speeches by the founders, and a dinner.


Odette was proud to be recognized as a mascot and present the sponsor banner signed by many of the kids the foundation serves. 

You can learn more about the Mascot Miracles Foundation here

This year at The Swan Princess we have been working hard to move all of our inventory into a brand new warehouse! Preparations for this have included organizing all of our art cels and pencil sketches for easier transport and storage. As we have been sorting through the incredible animation museum that is our warehouse, we have found some really incredible and unique pieces of Swan Princess history that were just too swanderful to not share with our amazing fans! Therefore, we would like to proudly present our new series:

Awesome Things We Found in the Warehouse Today!

One of our favorite things to find in the warehouse is concept art! This art gives the filmmakers an idea what the characters and scenes will look like in the film. We particularly love seeing how character looks change through the design process.

This is the scene where Derek finds the guard who tells him that King William and Odette have been attacked by the Great Animal. But something looks a little different in this scene. Can you tell what it is? Its the guard! Here he has a more rugged face with a tunic and a beard. 

Here is the rough sketch that shows what the guard eventually looked like. They got rid of his beard, added some armor, and gave him a younger, more classic featured face.

This is his character reference sheet that shows his complete look. What do you think of the guard's makeover? Do you like him better with or without the beard? Or the tunic or armor best? We would love to chat with you about it! Tag us on social media @SwanPrincessOfficial or email us at

This month we are celebrating the birthday of His Royal Highness (in his own mind) JeanBob!

This makes JeanBob's zodiac sign a Virgo and his birthstone the blue sapphire.

Virgos are perfectionists and are easily fixated by both ideas and tasks. They systematically approach their lives with very linear thinking and an "if this, than that" way of problem solving.

Virgos are hyper aware of details and this makes them very picky about the things and people they keep around them.

Virgos are good at taking complicated jumbles of information onto clear, sometimes oversimplified concepts. They are resourceful and committed friends.

We think this sounds just like JeanBob! And his fixation on getting a kiss to turn back into a prince!

Blue sapphires are associated with royalty and are said to be good for attracting wealth and gifts. Maybe JeanBob should start wearing a sapphire to aid in his "smooching" quest!

Is your birthday in September or do you just like the color blue?
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Did you watch The Swan Princess Far Longer Than Forever film today and loved it? Do you want to complete your Swan Princess movie collection with a hard copy of the DVD? The DVD Preorder Sale starts today! 
Preorder your DVD here
Question: Now that the last film in the Swan Princess Series is completed, what will happen to Lucas and Alise? Will there be a spinoff series?

Answer: As the Producers and Director of the Swan Princess films will be retiring from the film industry, after more that 40 years of creating animated films, there are no current plans for a sequel or spinoff series for Lucas and Alise. While we do believe that you should never say never, currently the only place to follow along with new character content is right here in the Chamberg News! Odette's monthly diary entry lets you follow along with your favorite characters day to day adventures.
Dear Diary 

It’s almost strange to not be in wedding planning mode anymore, but as is the life of a royal, the moment one event ends, planning for another begins. Bridget and Chamberlain are happily off on their honeymoon, so we will need to be stepping up to do more of the behind the scenes work while we anxiously await their safe return. I believe this is a good chance for Alise to learn how event planning works. It will give her something fun to do as the summer winds down, and she even gets her own Chamberlain outfit! She seems quite excited. In the meanwhile, I can finally look into my mother’s diary that I found at Swan Lake. I don’t think anyone will mind if I take a week or so for myself.



About The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to the original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.

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