Featured Fan

Featured Fan

Nathan attended our 25th Anniversary celebration and was the life of the party!

Nathan entered our video sweepstakes for tickets to the 25th Anniversary celebration and premiere. Watch his video to see Nathan's creative marketing idea! 

Nathan also wrote a letter to Hawaiian Airlines requesting their help in flying to California to attend. Hawaiian Airlines sent the coolest response! A model A330 replica of Nathan's Swan Princess livery design!

Nathan brought his model airplane to show all the guests in the theater and to one of his favorite Director's, Rick Rich.

While in Hollywood, Nathan also got to hang out with another Swan Princess Superfan, Joshua Orro - read Joshua's feature here.

Nathan was born in Tokyo, Japan when his dad was working there. His dad is a chef who travels all over for his work. When Nate was three his dad took a job in Maui. ater his family moved to California when his dad took a different job.

California was very memorable for Nathan because his grandparents came to live with them and then his little brother was born. His family moved back to Maui a year ago. 

Nathan was homeschooled for a few years but wanted to go to a public school to be with other teens, so he was enrolled at Kapolei High School.

It was in school, Mr. Salazar's class, that he found out he had a knack and love for photoshop. Nathan loves to work on the computer. Before he found out about the 25th Anniversary event, Nate sat in front of the computer everyday browsing for materials for the various picture projects that are meaningful to him. As soon as he found out about the sweepstakes Nathan scrambled to get the videos made. It was his first time making videos and he did an amazing job! 

Check out Nathan's YouTube channel to see more

Nathan's favorite pastimes are watching Swan Princess, Yo-Kai Watch, and The Last Unicorn as well as watching Paw Patrol. One of the episodes of Paw Patrol contains The Pups Winter Wonder Show song. He loves that song! Nathan is also writing an e-novel about his journey to the Swan Princess wedding in Honolulu, and made these detailed graphics of the wedding ceremony and banquet.


Don't miss this month's coloring page created by Nathan!

Nathan became a fan of The Swan Princess 4 years ago! He loved the film so much that he held a film festival. He called it: The Romantic Cygnus Film Festival. There was Karaoke, food, trailers he’d put together, and then when 12 noon struck, it was showtime. It was a major success. Everyone who came to the festival gave it 5-stars.

Prince Derek and Princess Odette are two characters that Nathan admires most. He loves both their handsome and beautiful features. Nate is enthralled by the song they sang: Far Longer Than Forever. That song has become his favorite lullaby for him and his dog.


Check out Nathan's top two jokes to tell- they'll make you chuckle. 


Who’s there?

Letter ...

Letter who?

Let her come in she’s been knocking.

What’s the difference between a piano and a fish?

You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish!

The Swan Princess is proud to have Nathan as an ardent fan! He is so entertaining that we know his creativity will take him to great places. Thank you Nathan!

Added January 2020:

We got a kick out of this and wanted all to see what our talented fan, Nathan Higa, sent us...the titles of The Swan Princess series in emoji format!

    The Swan Princess


    The Secret of the Castle

    The mystery of the enchanted treasure




    Royal Family Tale
    👑 👨‍👩‍👧📖

    Princess Tomorrow Pirate Today


    Royally undercover


    A Royal MyZtery


    Kingdom of Music



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    I love Hawaiian Airlines but I love Prince Derek and Princess Odette from The Swan Princess the most.

    Nathan Higa

    I love the Swan Princess. I have watched all 9 movies. #SwanPrincess#


    Joshua, Eden, Rick, give my biggest shoutout and thanks to Peter Ingram. CEO of Hawaiian Airlines!

    Nathan Higa

    I’m also gonna take Odette and Derek on their honeymoon to Australia!

    Nathan Higa

    Same here Joshua! Same here!

    Nathan Higa

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