Monthly Trivia

June 2024

In which movie do we hear Prince Derek sing the heartfelt song, "Because I Love Her"?
Can't remember the song? Click here to go to our YouTube channel and hear it again, along with all of your other favorite songs from The Swan Princess Series!
Winner will receive a Rothbart Limited Edition Pin
Email your answers to 
May 2024
After an exciting race, who came second in the obstacle course that we see in the third Swan Princess movie?
Answer: Rock Chutney
Winner received a child Princess Odette dress.
April 2024

Which of Odette's animal friends do we first meet in the original movie?

Answer: JeanBob and Speed

Winner received Derek's Journal


March 2024

At the end of the first movie, what rank do we discover Puffin has proudly been promoted to?

Answer: General
Winner received a JeanBob Plush Set
February 2024

How many times do we see Derek and Odette share a kiss in the original movie?

Answer: 3

Winner received a Swan Plush Toy

January 2024

How many songs (including the credits) are featured in the third movie in The Swan Princess series?

Answer: 6 songs with vocals, 14 songs including instrumentals

Winner received a Serenade Song Storybook!

December 2023

How many traditional Christmas songs are featured in "The Swan Princess: Christmas"? 

Answer: 13 traditional Christmas songs are featured in the The Swan Princess Christmas:

Winner received a Far Longer Than Forever DVD!

November 2023

 In the first movie, how many Princesses are introduced by Lord Rogers in the song "Princesses on Parade"?

Answer: 4

Winner received a Gold Heart Pendant!

Email your answers to

October 2023

How does Clavius, the antagonist is the second movie, capture Queen Uberta?

Answer: He disguises himself as a clown and takes Uberta in a hot air balloon as a birthday gift.

Winner received a silver commemorative coin
September 2023

At Odette and Derek's wedding in the first movie, Rogers gives Bromley quite a fright at the thought of the Great Animal returning when a mysterious shadow appears - but what really made the shadow that scared our friend?

Answer: Uberta's hair

Winner received a Swan Princess Backpack

Email your answers to

August 2023

What is the name of the opening song in the third Swan Princess movie?

Answer: It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Winner will received a deck of playing cards


Here is a coloring page in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the release of The Swan Princess Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure, the third film in the series.

Enter to win the coloring contest for an original product art cel from the third Swan Princess film.

Print the coloring page above and decorate it however you like, or download it and color it digitally. Then send a picture of your creation to us at or tag us on social media @SwanPrincessOfficial.

You have until August 31st to enter so you still have time to get creative!

July 2023

In which movie from "The Swan Princess" series is Zelda introduced?

Answer: The third Swan Princess film, Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure

Winner received a JeanBob Plush Set


Here is a coloring page in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the release of The Swan Princess Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure, the third film in the series.

June 2023

What is the name of Queen Uberta's husband in "The Swan Princess: A Fairytale is Born"?

Answer: Maximillion

Winner received a DVD of The FairyTale is Born

May 2023
When planning the romantic "arrangement" between Odette and Derek in the original movie, what does Queen Uberta write to King William when he doubts the plan will work?

Hint: Head to our official YouTube to watch "This is my Idea" to find the answer - and have a sing along!
Answer: "Urge Her"
Winner received Derek's Journal


April 2023

How many people have voiced Queen Uberta across "The Swan Princess" movie series?

Answer: Four actresses have voice Queen Uberta throughout the Swan Princess series.

Winner received a Limited Edition Uberta Pin

Make sure to relax coloring our Easter Villians!

March 2023

What is the final line that JeanBob says at the end of the first Swan Princess movie?

Answer: "Aha! The ladies still fall for me."

Winner received a JeanBob Plush Toy Set

February 2023

What is the final line that Prince Derek sings in "Far Longer Than Forever" in the original?

Winner will receive a Vintage Pin

Answer: "Much stronger than forever." 

Enjoy our romantic coloring page this month!

January 2023

What is the first song that we hear characters sing in the first Swan Princess movie?

Answer: This is My Idea

Winner received a limited edition Puffin Pin


December 2022

December's Contest was a photo contest with official Swan Princess Product. 
See the details here!

12 winners were announces on social media and all received a prize. The first place winner will receive a production art cel. Thanks to all who participated!

November 2022

During 'Princesses on Parade' in the first movie, what color are the dresses of the women that put on a musical show with Chamberlain?

Answer: The dresses were white with pink trim (and a light purple petticoat)

Winner will received a vintage pin

October 2022

How many white paws does Number Nine have?

Answer: One white paw

Winner received a Number Nine Plush Toy!

September 2022

At the royal wedding in the first movie, what creates the shadow of the great animal and scares Bromley (to the delight of Rogers!)?

Answer: Queen Uberta's hair! It's done up like a swan for the royal wedding

Winner received a Haunted By The Moon T-shirt!

August 2022

In the first movie, according to JeanBob, he has "no friends, only __________"?

Answer: Servants

Winner received a JeanBob Plush!

July 2022

Independence Day takes place on the 4th of this month - can you name four animal friends that feature in any of the movies in The Swan Princess series?

Winner received Nail Wraps!

June 2022

What is the first line (spoken or sung) that is said by Princess Odette's Father, King William, in the first movie?

Answer: "Queen Uberta, as lovely as ever!"

Winner received a Gemstone Heart Locket

May 2022

What 'thing' does Queen Uberta use to persuade her son to arrive on time for the ball in the first movie?

Winner will receive a Limited Edition Uberta Pin.

April 2022

April's competition was slightly different, it focuses on your eggs-traordinary creative skills!

We asked that you design your own Easter egg, with either digital artwork or coloring can print the template below, or painting a hard boiled egg and sending a photo.

We had three entries and each of them win an original art cel of Wesley the White Rabbit.

Here are some templates you can use:

Enjoy Rothbart's Easter coloring page:

Rothbart Easter coloring page

March 2022

What is the name of JeanBob's mini show that airs exclusively on our YouTube channel?

Answer: The JeanBob Show

Winner received a JeanBob push toy!

February 2022

Which two characters both fall for the beautiful Alise in "The Swan Princess Kingdom of Music?

Answer: Lucas and Prince Li

Winner received a push toy set!

January 2022

Who was the original voice actor of Puffin?

Answer: Steve Vinovich

Winner received a limited edition Puffin pin!

Send your answers to

Spend some time relaxing and coloring for the new year!

December 2021 Trivia

What is the first song that we hear some of the characters sing in 'The Swan Princess: Christmas'?

Feel like you have a "head full a puddin" and can't remember? Why not rewatch the movie this holiday season to find the correct answer?

Winner received a 2022 Swan Princess Calendar 

November 2021 Trivia

What does Princess Odette say to Prince Derek when she transforms from a swan into her human form in front of him for the first time?

Winner received Derek and Odette Kissing Limited Edition Pin

October 2021 Trivia

During the song, 'No More Mr Nice Guy', how many musicians does Rothbart hit with his halo?

Winner received a Number Nine Plush Toy

Answer: Four

Enjoy a Halloween coloring page of the evil Rothbart!

September 2021

We hope you've all been enjoying new adventures in 'Cosplay Runway' on Roblox, because we can't wait to see all of your incredible designs!

For your chance to win our September challenge, submit a screenshot of one of your creations you have made on the game - there will be a prize for the best outfit and best runway design!

Winner received an original animated art cel from the production of the 1994 classic film, The Swan Princess.

August 2021 Trivia

Can you remember the full name of the doll that Queen Uberta plans to give to Alise in The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale?
Bonus Point: Which song does the doll sing (or try to!)?

Winner received a Swan Princess Backpack

Answer: Queen Uberta planned to give Alise a doll named "Marry-Me Leopold!" Leopold attempted to sing "Far Longer Than Forever," but seemed to get stuck on one note!

July 2021 Trivia

In Cosplay Runway, snap a screenshot of your character next to the iconic mode of transport of Seldon Young, Producer of The Swan Princess, for your chance to win this month's prize!

Click here and start playing Cosplay Runway now!

Here is the winning entry

Winner received: A Commemorative Swan Princess Watch

June 2021 Trivia

During 'We Wanna Hear From You' in 'The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale', what solo line is sung by Prince Derek?

Winner received: Speed and JeanBob Limited Edition Pin

May 2021 Trivia

In the second Swan Princess movie, Queen Uberta is captured but still requests a certain type of sandwich, can you remember what she asked for?

Winner received: The 12-pack of Swan Princess DVDs and CDs

Answer: Cucumber Sandwhich thinly sliced with Peppermint Tea

April 2021 Trivia

Later this month we will be announcing the next limited edition pin, so for this month's trivia, we want you to guess the next design!

CLUE 1: Both have shown an ability to race, one can be fast, one claimed first place!

CLUE 2: A royal determined to break a spell, will he succeed, no one can tell!

CLUE 3: Two great friends in the original team, a comedic duo like you've never seen

Winner received: The Newest Limited Edition Pin of Speed and JeanBob

Answer: Speed and JeanBob

Enjoy our Easter Coloring page featuring Wesley dressed as a bunny from the first Swan Princess movie. 

Easter Coloring Page

March 2021 Trivia

According to the trailer for 'The JeanBob Show', JeanBob hates being used for his __________.

Winner received A JeanBob Plush

Answer: Good Looks

February 2021 Trivia

How many times is the phrase 'This Is My Idea' mentioned in the song of the same name?

Answer: 9

Winner received A Gold Heart Pendant

January 2021 Trivia

Who provided the voice for JeanBob in the original Swan Princess movie?

Answer: John Cleese

Winner will receive A musical swan plush toy

 December 2020 Trivia

In The Swan Princess Christmas, everyone celebrates Ornament Day by placing decorations on the tree.
Name three treasured memories that we see represented by an ornament.

Answer: Memory of kindness or a thoughtful deed

A boy carrying water buckets for an old man

Woman helping a child up after she fell

Handing a broom to man climbing a ladder to clean snow from the roof

Comforting a grieving woman at the grave of a loved one

Teaching a boy to shoot a boy and arrow

Winner received 2021 Calendar

November 2020

Winner received Swan Princess Keychain

How many Princesses do we see being introduced to Prince Derek during 'Princesses on Parade'?

Answer: 4

 Princess of Colchester




October 2020

Winner received: A Swan Princess Coloring Book

Name the sidekicks to the villains in The Swan Princess movies.


The Swan Princess: The Hag (Bridget) and/or alligators

Secret of the Castle: Knuckles

Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure: Whizzer

Christmas: Number 9 or Jasper

Royal Family Tale: Mangler

Princess Tomorrow Pirate Today: The Boggs

Royally Undercover: Niccolo

A Royal Myztery: Niccolo

Kingdom of Music: Fang (the sorceress) 

A Royal Wedding: Fang

Halloween Coloring Page


September 2020

Winner received: A Swan Princess Coloring Book

In 'The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music', how many competitors take part in the competition?

Answer: 5


August 2020 Trivia

Winner received: A Limited Edition Silver Coin

What is the name of the villain in the new movie, The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding?

Answer: Fang

Send your answers to:

Speaking of Weddings... Here is a coloring page of Derek and Odette when they had their Royal Wedding. 

July 2020 Trivia

Winner received: A Limited Edition Silver Coin

What is the name of the trap-making sidekick to Clavius in The Swan Princess: Secret of the Castle?

Answer: Knuckles

 June 2020 Trivia

Winner received: The Swan Princess Blu-Ray

In what year was 'The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale' released?

Answer: 2014

May 2020 Trivia

Winner received: The Swan Princess Blu-Ray

Who did the character design for the original Swan Princess film and what is another film they worked on?

Answer: Steven E Gordon designed all the characters for the 1994 Swan Princess film. Here are some (but not all) of the other films Steve worked on: 

Ultimate Avengers, Shrek 2, Anastasia, DuckTails, Tom & Jerry: The Movie, The Black Cauldron, The Great Mouse Detective, The King and I, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, Thor: Tales of Asgard, Planet Hulk, Terminator Salvation, and Over the Hedge

April 2020 Trivia

Winner received: Large Vintage Poster

In Princess Tomorrow Pirate Today, why did Lucas run away from home? 

Answer: Lucas ran away from home because he was going to be sent to an orphanage. His family was poor and his father couldn’t work. 

March 2020 Trivia

Winner received: Large Vintage Poster

What is said to have been used by St Patrick as a way to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish?

Answer: A Shamrock or Three Leaf Clover

February 2020 Contest

Winner received: Gold Heart Necklace and Bracelet Set

February Contest

February Coloring Page

January 2020 Contest

Winner received: Princess Toy Make-up Kit  

December 2019 Contest

Winner received: An Anniversary Print 

November 2019 Contest

Winner received: A Princess Mystery Box in honor of National Princess Day this month! 

This months coloring page by Nathan Higa!

October 2019 Contest

Congratulations to J, the winner of the remastered Swan Princess Movie on BluRay and original pencil animation, for October's contest. 

September 2019 Contest

Winner received: DVD of the Original Swan Princess Movie!

Unscramble the words below to reveal words and characters associated with the latest movie! Use the circled letters to complete a line from one of the songs featured in 'The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music'.

August 2019 Contest

Congratulations to Zachary, the winner of The Musical Swan Plush Toy for August's contest

August Contest


August Coloring Page

July 2019 Contest

Winner received: the black cat plush toy (Number 9)

July Contest
July Coloring Page


June 2019 Contest

Winner received: Hip Flask

Congratulations to Jake, the winner of the June competition.

June Contest

June Coloring Page 


May 2019 Contest

Winner received: Faux Book Journal by Prince Derek

Congratulations to Jenny who won the journal in May's contest!

May Contest

Send your entries to to enter the contest! 


May Coloring Page


April 2019 Contest

Winner will receive: Coloring Book and Pencil Set

April Contest

Find as many eggs as you can in the Swan Princess scene above for a chance to win! Bonus points for the camouflage eggs.

Send your entries to

Just for fun - print and color this month's page.

Send your coloring page to and we will share it on social media.

April Coloring Page


March 2019 Contest

Winner will receive: JeanBob Plush Toy

March Contest

Send your entries to

Send your coloring page to and we will share it on social media.


March Coloring Page


February 2019 Contest

Winner will receive: The Latice Strategy Game

February's contest is a lot of fun! We even started you out with a few words! 

February's Contest

Remember! Send your entries to

And don't forget to print out this month's coloring page! As Odette would say, "It's the Season Of Love!"

Share love with friends, family, and strangers this month by showing kindness through words and actions! 


January 2019 Contest



Many people make resolutions for when the new year begins! These can be anything and are unique to each person.  See if you can guess which character made each resolution!

1.  This year I will receive a kiss and become a Prince and show everyone that I was right all along!

2.  I will make even more inventions, each one more incredible than the last!

3.  What more can a Queen do? Apart from keep spoiling her Grandaughter!

4.  I would like to spend more time with the people I love, but also bring more happiness to those in the kingdom less fortunate, like the children at the orphanage.

5.  As well as being with my family more, I would like to practice my archery more, though maybe I won't be too hard on the servants and musicians...

Send your entries to

December 2018

Congratulations to Madison, the winner of the Ornament Day Contest

She won the gold heart locket

Email your colored page to by January 1st, 2019. for your chance to win!

November 2018

This image, from Queen Uberta's birthday party in The Secret of the Castle, is the coloring sheet for this month.


Download the pdf here

Don't forget to add in your own fireworks.

You can email your colored page to, by November 30, 2018, for a change to win a holiday-themed surprise from The Swan Princess. 

Here are some of the submissions so far:


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