February 2024

February 2024

   Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air as people across the world prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Others will be celebrating Galentine's Day on the 13th February!
Odette and Derek have a romantic meal planned followed by a starlit stroll in the castle grounds whilst Lucas is planning a surprise for Alise, what could it be?

Whether you celebrate Valentine's or Galentine's this month, we have some delicious recipes and gift ideas for you!
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Great Gifts

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day on the 14th February or sharing Galentine's Day with friends on the 13th, we have a gift for all occassions!
If you are looking for a gift that celebrates an iconic item and romantic moment from the first movie, look no further than our latest pin!

Styled to look just like Odette's locket, open the pin to reveal our favorite couple's first kiss!
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Gift a piece of history to someone this month with an original film cell, a swantastic way to celebrate 30 years of The Swan Princess this November!

Select your favorite scene and own a piece of original memorabilia!
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Red Velvet Cookies

Odette loves to bake and share her creations with friends! This month, she is making red velvet cookies for everyone!
These romantic heart shaped treats are perfect to enjoy this Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day!
For the Cookies:
• 225g plain flour
• 25g cocoa powder
• 200g light brown soft sugar
• ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
• 175g soft salted butter
• 100g caster sugar
• 2 tsp vanilla extract
• 1 large egg
• ½-1 tbsp red food colouring gel
• 150g white chocolate chips or chunks
For the Drizzle:
• 2 tbsp soft cheese
• 6 tbsp icing sugar
1. Use an electric whisk to beat the sugars and butter together until you achieve a pale and fluffy mix.
2. Add the vanilla extract, egg and 1/2-1 tbsp of the food coloring (depending on your desired brightness) and beat together until you have a red batter.
3. Sieve your flour, bicarbonate of soda and cocoa into the batter.
4. Fold the ingredients together to form a stiff evenly-coloured dough.
5. Next, fold the chocolate chips into the batter.
6. Carefully put the dough onto a sheet or baking parchment, allowing enough excess to fold over the dough.
7. Now fold the parchment over the dough and mould into a sausage shape (approx. 6cm wide).
8. Chill the dough for a minimum of 1 hour or until ready to bake.
9. Preheat the oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5.
10. Carefully cut the dough into heart shapes. You can do this freehand with a knife, draw a template on baking paper and cut around it or use a heart shaped cookie cutter. Make the pieces approx. 1cm thick.
11. Place the cookies on lined baking sheets, spacing them out so that they have room to spread in the oven as they bake. Bake your cookies in batches, keeping the cookie shapes in the fridge until they are ready to go in the oven.
12. Bake for 13-15 mins until the cookies have crisp edges but are still soft in the center.
13. Allow to cool on the baking sheet for a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack to finish cooling.
14. Whilst the cookies finish cooling, beat the soft cheese to a loose consistency.
15. Gently stir the icing sugar into the soft cheese.
16. Use a spoon to scoop up a small amount of icing. Move the spoon randomly over the cookies and allow the icing to gently drizzle over the hearts

Pretty Paper Flowers

Lucas knows so much about flowers from working with his parents on the tulip farm and loves seeing Alise's face whenever he surprises her with a bouquet or even a single bloom!
If you can't find any flowers that you like and want to make a pretty gift for someone or want to add some color to a room, this floral fun is brilliant for you!
Lucas' Tulip Tip:
For this craft, remember that for a larger flower, use bigger hearts and to make the flower fuller, use a greater quantity of hearts!
You Will Need:
• Scissors
• Assorted Colored/Patterned Card
• Glue Stick
• Skewers
• Hot Glue Gun
• Green Paint
• Paint Brush
1. Draw a heart on a piece of your card and cut it out. Larger hearts will make bigger flowers.
2. Use your first heart as a stencil and draw more hearts on the other pieces of paper. You can use the same colors and patterns or mix them up! To make a full flower, you will need a minimum of 12 hearts for each one but you can make them as full as you like!
3. Cut out all of the hearts.
4. Fold each heart in half. 
5. Use a glue stick to cover the back side of a heart (just one half for now).
6. Line the glued side up with the back of another half of a heart.
7. Now glue another half heart to the back of the newly added heart.
8. Keep going until you have the desired amount of hearts, do not glue the ends together just yet.
9. Take a skewer and paint it green, this will be your stem.
10. Pre-heat the hot glue gun. 
11. Open the hearts that you glued together and carefully add a line of hot glue to the top portion of the skewer.
12. Place the skewer into the opening in the centre of the hearts. 
13. Glue the back half of the hearts that you previously glued together to form the flower.
14. You can use the glue gun to add leaves, mini flowers or tiny bows for an extra finishing touch.
15. Make as many flowers as you like!
For an added personal touch or to display your flowers, we have a swantastic idea!
After completing your flower(s), put the skewer stem(s) into a styrofoam ball (to keep things in place). Then put the ball into a flowerpot to hide the styrofoam - you can even decorate the pot too! How about with a swan? Or you can print out some pictures of your favorite Swan Princess characters and add them to the flowerpot!
What other ways can you think of to decorate your flowerpot?
"We wanna hear from you" and see your creations! 

Its Puffin's birthday in February!

That makes his zodiac sign an Aquarius and his birthstone the amethyst.

 Aquarius are assertive and love to be the ones to make plans. They love evidence and facts; they are always looking for truth, justice, and fairness. They are analytical which makes them led more by their heads than their hearts. 

Aquarius are not afraid to be themselves. They are unique and a bit eccentric. They always say what they think and can be very flowery when they speak. Their biggest dislikes are stick-in-the-mud type people who don't want to go along with their plans.

Amethyst is considered the most powerful and protective stone. It is used to have control of one's own thoughts and mindfulness and can also protect against fearful feelings. 

We think this No Fear attitude sounds just like General Puffin!

Is your birthday in February or do you just like the color purple? Purchase your amethyst gemstone locket here.

About The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to the original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.

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