June 2024

June 2024

Swantastic Summer is Here!


Summer is in full swing and the sun is shining across Derek and Odette's beautiful Kingdom!
Everyone is enjoying the sunshine in their own way. Alise is practicing her music outside, Odette is enjoying reading in the castle grounds and taking part in outdoor fun as she admires the Kingdom's colors and summer beauty, whilst Derek is getting in some target practice.

Meanwhile, JeanBob is reminding Puffin and Speed of his royal background and that they should be bringing him cooling refreshments as the three of them relax in the sun!

Keep reading for a swantastic summer activity and tropical treat to enjoy in June!

Perfect Princess Pin
Last month we announced the latest addition to our official pin collection.
Our beautiful Swan Princess pin features our beloved heroine in a thoughtful pose as she is about to express her love for Derek through the magic of song! Captured in a commemorative pin, this is also the moment where most fans heard "Far Longer than Forever" for the very first time!
Own your own version of this magical movie moment forever by purchasing one of these pins today, limited to only 50 copies worldwide!
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We have many other pin designs available in our online store, including Odette's locket, which opens up to reveal the magical first kiss shared between The Swan Princess and her true love!
These pins are strictly limited and are only available while stocks last so don't miss out!
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Royal Rainbow Bubbles

Odette loves bubbles and one of her happiest memories with her parents is blowing bubbles and chasing them around the castle grounds in summer! She has continued this tradition with Alise and has fond memories of showing her how the sun catches the bubbles as they fly through the air, an activity that they still enjoy together today!
This activity lets you fill the sky with splashes of color with beautiful bubbles this summer!
You Will Need:
• Glycerin (usually found in baking aisles/stores) or corn syrup (which might not be as bubbly)
• Unscented dish soap
• Food coloring - you can make one bubble color or make a complete rainbow with several different ones!
• Empty bottles or jars (with lids) - one for each color
• Wire (or pipe cleaners)
• Scissors
• Wire cutters
• Optional - Essential oils
1. Mix together 6 cups of water, 1 cup of unscented dish soap in a bowl.
2. Add 1 tbsp of glycerin to the soap mix and stir well.
3. Carefully pour the solution equally into your jars/bottles.
4. In each jar, add a drop of different coloring (e.g. a red drop in one bottle, a blue drop in another and so on). You can also mix colors to make even more options, such as red and blue to make purple!
Optional - once the food coloring is mixed in, add one or two drops of the essential oils to each color!
5. Now we need to make the bubble wands. Take your wire (or pipe cleaner) and loop one end into a circle (making sure that it will fit into your jar of solution later). You could even try making your bubble wand into a star or another fun shape if you are feeling especially creative!
Make sure that the tail of your shape on the end of your wand is twisted around the main wire or use a tiny piece of tape so that there isn't a gap - or your solution will run away before you get chance to make the bubbles!
If you already have a bubble wand, feel free to use an existing one instead of making your own!
6. Now for the fun part - set up your own magical bubble station and dip your wand into one of the jars. Gently blow into the wand and watch your rainbow bubbles fly around!

Crowning Glory Ice Cream Cake

Odette loves deserts that are full of flavor!
During the summer months, she enjoys many refreshing treats and this desert is full of fabulous flavors and a delicious way to cool down during the summer months as you sit in the sunshine!
• 1 madeira cake
• 16 oz (500ml) tub vanilla ice cream
• 16 oz (500ml) tub mango sorbet
• 16 oz (500ml) tub raspberry sorbet
• 1/4 cup (50g) dark chocolate
• 2/3 cup (150ml) double cream, whipped
• maraschino cherries, to decorate
1. Firstly, line a 1lb (16x10cm) loaf tin with a double layer of strong cling film.
2. Carefully cut a piece of sponge (approx. 5mm (a little less than .25 in) thick) to fit the loaf tin, trimming off any dark edges - you can use these as a cheeky snack, after all, chefs should test their ingredients (at least that's what JeanBob says when he takes the offcuts!).
3. Gently push the sponge into the base of the tin. If your cake is smaller than the tin, use random cuts of cake pieces to fill in the gaps. Don't worry if it doesn't look uniform and neat as you won’t see them when the cake is finished.
4. Spoon three quarters of your mango sorbet into the tin and even out the layer of sorbet using the back of a spoon.
5. Freeze your cake and mango sorbet for 10 mins.
6. Repeat the layering process using the vanilla ice cream.
7. Freeze again for another 10 minutes.
8. Whilst the cake freezes, take a pan and fill it with water. In another bowl, add the chocolate. Bring the water to a boil and place the bowl of chocolate onto the pan, making sure that the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water. Allow the chocolate to melt completely, stirring as it melts.
9. Take your ice cream cake and add another layer of sponge, making sure that there are no gaps.
10. Pour the melted chocolate over the sponge layer.
11. Freeze the cake again for 10 mins.
12.  Now add a layer of raspberry sorbet in the same way as you did with the sorbet and other ice cream layer.
13. Add a final layer of sponge.
14. Completely cover the cake/tin in cling film and freeze until you are ready to serve.
15. When you are ready to enjoy your cake, turn the ice cream cake out of the tin onto a plate and gently peel off the cling film.
16. Decorate the top with whipped cream and cherries.
17. Allow the cake to stand for a few minutes so that it is easy to slice and serve with extra cherries and/or any other delicious extras!
 This month we are celebrating the birthday of the delightfully quirky and two faced villain Fang! This makes her zodiac sign Gemini and her birthstone a light amethyst.
The Gemini sign is also known as "the twins"; Geminis are famous for having many different sides to their personality that are often very different from each other. This makes them social chameleons able to make friends in all kinds of social groups.
We see Fang's dual sided personality in the way she talks to herself about every decision. She may be a little crazy, but at the end of the day, who better than yourself to give you the best advice? She also maintains an advisor role with the king while masterminding her evil plans behind his back.
The flexible Gemini is very smart and clever, but because they have so many interests they are easily distracted. Their cleverness can sometimes cause them to be ruthless in their decisions as they can easily analyze and justify difficult, and sometimes unethical choices.
Not only are they curious but they love to talk about anything and everything they have learned. They love to gossip to everyone about everything. Or, in Fang's case, gossip to herself about everyone else around her.
Gemini people tend to be very indecisive and very impulsive. They jump into everything 100%. We see this in Fang's obsessive unrequited love of Chen.
We think all of this sounds just like Fang!
The light amethyst stone symbolizes purity of spirit and is believed to help heal wounds. We hope Fang finds healing and a better path in life. The forgiveness offered by Mei Lee and Chen surely pointed her in the right direction.
Is your birthday in June or do you just like the color lavender?
Purchase your own birthstone locket here!


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