September 2021 Featured News

September 2021 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom!

We will be releasing a new pin in October. We can’t wait for the fans to see what we’ve got in store for them! 

These high-quality enamel pins are limited edition, they will not be restocked! Keep an eye on our social media, @SwanPrincessOfficial, for the new pin announcement.

Which character do you think this new pin will be? Tag us in your guesses @SwanPrincessOfficial or email us at 

Purchase pins from the Official Swan Princess Limited Edition Collection here

This month Princess Odette had the honor of attending the Mascot Bowl with the Mascot Miracles Foundation. NBA, NFL, and NHL mascots from all over the United States came together to play football against the Herriman City 8th grade football team to raise funds to take underprivileged children Christmas shopping.

They all signed autographs and took pictures with guests before the game. The mascots won by a single point! 

Follow Princess Odette's adventures with the Mascot Miracles Foundation here

New Fashion Release!


We are pleased to announce the new custom top by designer Shauna LaFara is now available for purchase! This fun top is made to order to your measurements from our exclusive 100% cotton Swan Princess print fabric. Check out 3 different ways to wear the top below!

Learn more about designer Shauna LaFara here

Purchase your custom peplum top here

The peplum top pairs perfectly with our custom circle skirt! Wear it with cute sandals and our Swan Princess Locket for a stylish look for daytime.

 Chilly autumn temperatures are coming soon. Transition this top into fall by layering long sleeves and tights underneath. Tuck the peplum into our custom circle skirt to give the appearance of a dress. Heels and a scarf complete the look.

The peplum top looks just as amazing with pants as it does with a skirt! Trousers, heels, and statement jewelry like a Swan Princess 25th Anniversary commemorative watch make this the perfect look for date night or for the office!

Share how you wear your custom peplum top with us on social media @SwanPrincessOfficial or by email at


Have you noticed the Sezzle button on our site? You can now break down purchases into 4 easy payments. This is great for larger purchases like this one of a kind JeanBob autographed art cel!

Keep an eye out for our giveaway! We will be giving away 3 hand drawn art cels from The Swan Princess movie! That's 3 chances to win! 

The first art cel giveaway will go to one lucky winner for signing up to our email list here

The other two cels will be given to winners that enter our monthly challenge. This month the challenge includes sending in screenshots of your gameplay on Cosplay Runway.

Play the game here.

Learn more about the challenge here.

The Princess Odette Costume Dress and Accessories:

Just in time for Halloween our Princess Odette costume dresses are 10% off. Available for adults, children and dolls! Children’s costume accessories (the foam crown and jewelry set) are also 10% off.


Question: from The Wicked Merman
Were Rothbart and Zelda romantically involved before he betrayed her?

Answered by Writer Brian Nissen:

No. Rothbart is a classic narcissist. He sees everyone around him as a tool to get what he wants. But when he realized that he could not recover the Forbidden Arts without Zelda's help, he did pretend to be romantically inclined toward her. The “relationship” came to a sudden end when Zelda supplied the missing piece that brought the Forbidden Arts back to life. She tried to use the Forbidden Arts to cast a love spell but not before Rothbart created a hard casing around his heart. That Derek’s arrow was able to puncture it in his battle with the Great Animal has been a matter of conjecture among Swan Princess historians. Was Derek that powerful of an archer? Or did the hard casing disappear in Rothbart’s transformation into the Great Animal?


Dear Diary,

After the fashion show last month, I realized how important working together as a family team really was. So, I thought perhaps we could try something new together to recapture the magic. We planned a family game night! We made some snacks for us to enjoy and came together for some fun card games and charades. However, I completely forgot how competitive Uberta and Rogers can be! It got a bit out of hand. Before I knew it, they were using furniture as weapons for impromptu sword fighting. Jean Bob was even Rogers’s sword at one point! Derek who pointed out that despite all their yelling and fighting, there were smiles and laughter too. This was just how they played together, a little roughly but it was still all in fun. It gave me an idea our next game night; perhaps we can play some more active games. I know Alise may have some fun rowdy pirate games she likes!

About The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.

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