October 2019 Featured News

October 2019 Featured News

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News from the Kingdom, A lot of big announcements this month!

The October 24th anniversary celebration will be streamed live on YouTube and our website, be sure to mark ‘notify me’ so you’ll be told when we go live on the pink carpet!

The contestants for the Swan Princess cake contest have been announced! Take a look at who will be making a Swan Princess themed cake and some of the beautiful cakes they've made in the past.

Brittany Barnes from Britt Takes the Cake 

Tiffany Peterson from Little Sugar Kitchen 


Christina Navarro from Baking Me Crazy

Roxanna Salazar from Pink Cake Studio


Ramona Chronis from Sweet Brittle Baking Co


Kami Moffit from Two Kami Cakes 

Michelle Jurasevich 

    They will be competing for a 2,000 dollar prize! Click here to see more info on the contest itself.

      Special treats await for those that will be watching the live stream on October 24th:

      Interviews with the film creators and executives

      Performance by singer/songwriter Anna Graceman of “Season of Love” 

      Announcement of the winner of The Swan Princess cake competition by 

      Display of Steve Gordon’s new 25th anniversary commemorative animation

      On November 2nd, an outdoor, public premiere of the Hi-def remastered Swan Princess film will be held at Echo Park in Los Angeles, California.

      The movie will begin when the sun goes down. Come early to eat from the food trucks and participate in activities. 

        Gator Escape continues to improve and more updates are coming!

        New graphics, featuring JeanBob himself, have been added for coming back to play and for indicate when you are out of lives.

        Keep on playing to see the new updates as they come!

        Click Here to Play the App

        Monthly Giveaway

        Every month we give away some of our favorite Swan Princess merch! This month, for our super special anniversary, we are giving away a Princess Odette costume. Use it to dress up as your favorite princess or give it to your princess!

        Check out the many ways you can enter here! 

        Bookmark this page so that you can enter the giveaway every month

          Our surprise new product for our anniversary has arrived:

           Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Swan Princess Commemorative Silver Coins! 

           An ounce of silver minted for this quarter of century milestone!

          Q: If the were a live-action Swan Princess film created, who would be the ideal actors and actresses for each character roll?

          A: We asked on Instagram about Odette, Rothbart, and Derek in particular. So far, a majority of fans have mentioned:

          Princess Odette - Dove Cameron or Bethanie Garcia 

          Prince Derek - Derek Klena

          Rothbart - Hugh Jackman or Gary Oldman

          My personal opinion (not the studio's opinion) for the rest of the cast:

          Puffin - David Tennant or Rowan Atkinson

          Lord Rogers - David Tennant or Rowan Atkinson

          JeanBob - Tim Curry

          Queen Uberta - Meryl Streep

          Speed - Honestly, Steven Wright again. He did such a wonderful job the first time!

          What do you think? Who would you like to see in any of these roles? Tell us down below!

          Odette’s Diary Entry: Surprise Birthday Bash!

          Dear Diary,

          Today was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had! When the day started it felt like it might be one of the worst. Usually, for my birthday, I am served breakfast in bed, given lots of hugs and sweet little presents. The Kingdom is full of life and light! But today everyone seemed distant. When I said hello to people in the castle out in the streets, they only mumbled a hello and made a fast exit. I barely had interactions with anyone for most of the day. Everyone I asked to spend time with me today already had other plans. It was so depressing that I almost didn’t even go to dinner. Bridget then came to me worrying about one of her normal problems. She had gotten a knife stuck in the table and needed help getting it out. I guess she tried to set the table again. We went to the dining hall, and suddenly there was a lot of noise! People yelling and confetti flying. There were horns and poppers and everywhere I turned someone was excitedly shouting “surprise”. Wow, they went to so much work! There were hundreds of people waiting throughout the castle, in the ballroom and gardens. Just waiting to see me. Children throughout the kingdom got together and made an entire jewelry set (crown, necklace, earrings, and corsage) for me out of flowers. There was a tall cake so beautifully decorated in my favorite colors. Everyone wanted to hug me and kiss my cheeks. We had a wonderful dinner, played games, danced and had fireworks! I have never felt more loved by my family, friends, and my people than I did tonight.

          For a reader friendly version of Odette's Diary, click here.

          About The Swan Princess

          The Swan Princess is based upon the folk tale and ballet, Swan Lake. The story is transformed into a playfully fun adventure with exciting music, lovable forest friends, and of course, the handsome Prince Derek. The Swan Princess, Odette, has stayed true to original fairy tale princess with her kindness, grace, and loyalty.
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