Cake Competition at the 25th Anniversary

The winner of the 25th Anniversary Swan Princess cake competition it Christina Navarro from Baking Me Crazy.

Congratulations Christina, enjoy your prize money!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a cake! They were so incredible and the talk of the event. Especially once they started being cut up and we were all able to taste!

Here are the amazing entries we had:

Brittany Barnes - Britt Takes the Cake

Tiffany Peterson - Little Sugar Kitchen

Roxanna Salazar - Pink Cake Studio


Ramona Chronis - Sweet Brittle Baking Co

Kami Moffit - Two Kami Cakes

Michelle Jurasevich


All entrants attended the premiere event at the ArcLight Hollywood Theater after the contest. 

Winner received a $2000 cash prize1

The competition was judged by:

Cakes were judged on neatness, technique, creativity/originality, and taste

Guidelines - 

  • Must be Swan Princess themed

  • Height may be no taller than 6 feet (including base and stand), and must be at least two tiers

  • Base may be no larger than 36"x36"

  • Can be automated or animated, but must be self-powered. Electricity will not be provided or available.

  • Cake must be at least 80% edible.

  • All work must be done offsite. Minimal adjustments, repair and additions of embellishments will be permitted during drop off

  • Table space will be provided