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Swan Princess Partners LLC

Swan Princess Handcrafted Necklace

Swan Princess Handcrafted Necklace

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Odette, The Swan Princess Necklace

love, transformation, magic

Handmade from sterling silver and 18k gold, the Odette necklace shows the princess crowned in silver on the front and transformed into a swan on the back.  Her body is carved from a recycled piano key, and her features delicately scrimshawed by hand.  The necklace is reversible - showing the swan on the back - and beaded with black sapphires.  From the famous Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet, Odette's magical story reminds us that love endures beyond all power, time, and even life itself.  She measures 1.4" x 1.25".

Each goddess necklace is signed on the bottom by the artist, with an easy-to-use sterling silver and gemstone box clasp.  The beading length is 19".


About the Artist

Using her unique training with a master goldsmith in Italy and a Cherokee shaman in Montana, artist Kelly Morgen creates each necklace completely by hand with a traditional jeweler's hand-saw and flame torch. By the ancient maritime art of scrimshaw, Kelly carves recycled piano keys to form her goddesses' faces. Since this ivory is delicate, please keep the necklace away from water or silver polish; to clean, rub gently with a jeweler's polishing cloth. Kelly's work has been featured in international art magazine Ornament as well as fine art galleries worldwide, celebrity collections, and the Russell-Cotes Museum in England. She is officially licensed by the Mucha family to carry on the work of Alphonse Mucha, the father of Art Nouveau.


Story (written by Seldon Young):

Princess Odette is betrothed to Prince Derek when they are children, and despite many summers of mutual dislike, they eventually realize they might be in love. But Rothbart, an evil sorcerer, wants Odette's kingdom and turns himself into a Great Animal to kill King William and kidnap the princess.  Rothbart casts a spell that transforms Odette into a swan, only able to resume human form in the moonlight. Prince Derek is determined to find Odette, but his mother insists he must choose a bride by holding a grand ball. However, Derek finally discovers Odette, and together they plan to break the curse. Odette will escape to the ball where Derek will proclaim a vow of everlasting love. But Rothbart discovers their plan and drags Odette back to her prison lake.  Derek follows, but in the chaos, Odette dies in his arms. Mad with grief, Derek kills Rothbart as the Great Animal and returns to hold a lifeless Odette one last time.  He confesses his love for her kindness and courage, and the spell is broken.  Odette returns to life and they are married to live happily ever after.

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