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The Swan Princess

Secret of the Castle Soundtrack CD

Secret of the Castle Soundtrack CD

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Secret of the Castle Soundtrack CD

The movie soundtrack of the 1997, sequel to The Swan Princess, Secret of the Castle. This is a limited edition CD released prior to the official naming of the animated movie. At the time of publication the movie was named Escape from Castle Mountain. 

Featuring the song "The Magic Of Love" sung by the infamous Michelle Nicastro.

Tracks include:

  1. Main Title 
  2. Knuckles
  3. Fire Arrow/Speed Chase
  4. Impending Doom
  5. Put Out The Fire
  6. Villain's Lair
  7. Business As Usual
  8. The Magic Of Love
  9. Balloon
  10. Queenly Walk
  11. That's What You Do For A Friend 
  12. Forbidden Arts Search
  13. No Fear 
  14. Trap For Derek 
  15. Escape From The Dungeon
  16. You Gotta Love It
  17. Cliff Hanger 
  18. Derek And Clavius
  19. Swan Change 
  20. Far Longer Than Forever
  21. No Fear-- Dance Version


Produced by Sony and Nest Entertainment. Original score by Lex de Azevedo, lyrics by David Zippel.

Copyright by Swan Princess Partners


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