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The Swan Princess

William Production Model Art

William Production Model Art

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Original Art: hand-drawn, animated character models, from the classic film, The Swan Princess. These production models of William were used for reference, by various artists, to ensure images were consistent throughout the film.

Some model include notes from the artist and Director. These were not photographed and used in film footage but are often matching images to those photographed. Cel models were especially used for color reference but the ink and paint department.

Models cel consist of one sheet, painted on celluloid paper with acrylic paint.

Most pencil art was used in film production. the outlines were Xerox copied onto celluloid paper for painting. Pencil art was also used as a guide for color and position during the painting process. These pencil models were not xeroxed onto celluloid paper and used in film footage but are often matching images to those xeroxed.

Ruff art was used in film production, character artists completed the rough (ruff is the spelling used by the artists) sketch of each frame. These ruff were sent to the Clean-Up department where clean lines were done to create the Pencil Art. 

Pencil models and ruff models consist of one sheet of paper with pencil line art. 

Please specify in the notes of your order the character and any notes written on the cel you want.  There are many available model cels that have not been included in the product images. Email if you do not find what you want.

Models measure either 8x10" or 16 x 10.5". 


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