New Swan Princess Movie: Live Action Concept

We’ve got a new Swan Princess movie on our minds, and this time we have something special up our sleeves. We have a dream to make a live-action version of our classic 1994 animated fairy tale.

Since its release over 25 years ago, The Swan Princess has captured the hearts and imaginations of children and adults around the world. We believe that a Swan Princess live action remake will allow the story of Odette and Derek to inspire new generations of viewers.

The Swan Princess recounts the tale of Prince Derek, as he tries to save his beloved Odette from the grasp of evil Rothbart. Featuring a cast of unforgettable characters such as Speed, JeanBob, and Puffin, The Swan Princess has become a timeless tale of adventure, mystery, and love. With a worldwide fanbase, there are now 12 Swan Princess movies available to watch.

We’re committed to adapting this powerful story into an all-new Swan Princess live-action feature film. With your support, we hope to bring your favorite scenes to life in a whole new way. We’re currently looking for the right studio to help make this dream a reality. 

The Swan Princess Live Action Concept Trailer

Our new Swan Princess movie trailer gives you a peek at what we’re hoping to create. Our proposal shows how we hope to transform the 1994 classic into something new that still has the same magic as the original.

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Our Swan Princess live action concept trailer stars:

James Gaisford as Prince Derek
London Kress as Princess Odette

Additional credits for the teaser are below:

Produced by Swan Princess Partners LLC, Laura Young, and Seldon O. Young
Directed by Colton Tran
Cinematography by Michael Greenwood
Visual Effects by Ian Johnston and Oliver Grotenrath
Music by Mike Bishop
Makeup by Christel Edwards
Hair Styling by Stefanie Tyler

Making a New Swan Princess Movie from the 1994 Classic

When we began to consider creating a Swan Princess live action film, it was important to us that we capture the look and feel of the original movie, while adding new details not possible with traditional animation. To produce our concept trailer, we recreated actual clips from The Swan Princess.

Check out our side-by-side comparison showing the transition from animation to live action. See Prince Derek running through the forest with his bow and arrow, chasing after the elusive swan. Our video shows you how we plan on updating your favorite scenes for the twenty-first century.

Behind the Scenes: New Swan Princess Movie Concept Trailer

Go behind the scenes on set as director Colton Tran brings the story of Derek and Odette to life. See how the cast and crew work together to reimagine the animation you know and love into a Swan Princess live-action trailer.

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